Friday, 20 September 2013


I have been stitching up a storm the past few weeks , finishing some projects and starting some new ones. First I would like to show you a stunning pincushion that was made for me by one of my friends in my patchwork groups. She makes them to order and I chose purple, ofcourse!
Yes. a hat!! I thought it was too good to stick pins in so I asked my mum if she had any old hat pins. She did, so now they are proudly displayed in my hat. Now my hat sits with the collection of pin cushions that I have made.
I was hand quilting the other Civil War doll quilt on my last post. It is now finished. Da da!!! Here it is.

I have been doing a few stitcheries, some for pressies and one for me. Here is mine but I am not sure whether to just frame it or make it into something. Any ideas?

This stitchery is for a pressie and shall be made into something useful and cute.

Meanwhile I have been doing some Christmas stitcheries  and have just washed some new Civil War and 1800s reproduction fabrics for my next hand pieced project which I am starting at a patchwork retreat next month. I have 2 labels ready to make for the 2 doll quilts and really must get on to quilting the " T for Temperance" doll quilt.

Thanks for stopping by and I send you all angel blessings.


Monday, 2 September 2013


 I have been having great difficulty trying to update my blog so I apologise for the delay. For some reason the gremlins had returned but I hope they have gone on a long holiday now. So what have I been up to? Stitching ofcourse! Take a look at my first completed hand pieced and hand quilted Civil War doll's quilt. I am so pleased with it.

Now I am in the process of hand quilting the Shoo Fly doll's quilt that I showed you.

I also completed the top of the " T for Temperance" doll's quilt which will be much quicker to hand quilt than the other 2.

I have really enjoyed making these completely by hand. Small quilts seem to be far less daunting than larger ones and they have helped me master some skills. I am already planning my next one which is slightly larger than the others. I guess I willl have to go and find some more Civil War repro fabrics now. Hehehehehe.

Meanwhile ,I have been thinking about Christmas projects and gifts. I managed to make this little mat from Gail Pan's Christmas book.

What happened to my Crazy Cats?  I have been appliquing them and only have 3 left to make with only one awaiting preparation. Woohooo, nearly there!

Here are the cats who have their whiskers and faces on. Although, I may need to sew buttons on for their eyes . I can't really see some of there eyes that I have stitched. What do you think?

I have nearly finished these turtle fabric hexie coasters for my sister in law who requested some quite a while ago. The reason for the delay is that I had so much trouble locating suitable turtle fabric. Since I took this photo I have hand quilted them and shall just machine ( yes, machine!!) the edges on rather than hand stitching them.

Just for a break from stitching I have started knitting myself a top from some lovely 100% cotton yarn. Mine shall be a bit longer than on the pattern and this colour is rather different for me than usual. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me again. Angel Blessings to you all.