Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Hi everyone. The past week I have been knitting, crocheting and stitching frantically. I have finished the charity blanket which was knitted by mum , stitched together by me and the border crocheted by me. This is the first time I have attempted to crochet the edge. Last week at knitting group, ( we meet every Wednesday) , one of the lovely ladies kindly showed me how she does it . I was determined to learn and this is the result. Our knitting group has knitted over 600 blankets for charity within 3 years as well as knitting trauma teddies, penguin jumpers etc.

Meanwhile, I have nearly completed a lap blanket that I am knitting for the group and may have a photo of it stitched up and edged with crochet next time.

I also completed 3 more Farmer's Wife blocks.

I have now done about 30  blocks for this quilt and find them to be quite addictive.

I am signed up with Sue Daley's "Block to Block" and the 3rd lot arrived this month. I haven't started it yet but plan to later this year. I just love the fabrics that arrive each month.

Speaking of fabric, I went to Spotlight last week and bought these fabrics for my Farmer's Wife quilt. They are not Civil War reproductions like I have been mainly using but I think they will go nicely.

Did you make anything for Easter? All I did was these cute eggs I found instructions for on the Red Brolly blog. Bronwyn Hayes always has such wonderful ideas and tutorials.

Since my last blog entry I recieved another beautiful birthday pressie from the talented Vicki of The Pickledish Patch.

Thankyou  for visiting my little cyber space home. I am now heading off to knit, stitch and crochet some more. Many angel blessings to you all.

Monday, 2 April 2012


I don't know about you but I love collecting things. I collect cats, chooks, owls, witches, tins and boxes. In more recent times, especially being a stitcher, I have been collecting ceramic souvenir thimbles , pincushions and also wooden cotton reels since I discovered that they stopped manufacturing the wooden reels in the 1970s. I have been looking everywhere for a wooden thimble rack but could never seem to find one so I asked my dad to make me one. Look at what my darling dad made for me.

Isn't it lovely! I have put all my thimbles on it and my wooden cotton reels. There is a lip on the edge of the shelves to stop them falling off if they wobble towards the edge . I know this sounds strange but we have wooden floors and when you walk past some things tend to move a little.

Last week I found another cute tin from an Op Shop. It is not an unusual one but I particularly like it.

On the weekend my girlfriend took me to lunch for my birthday at a little cafe we love in Tyabb which just happens to be next door to one of our favourite patchwork shops. So, naturally, I had to come home with some more fabrics for my Farmer's Wife quilt project.

Today I opened my pressie from Barb that has been sitting on my table unopened but well squished and fondled. Thankyou Barb it is just gorgeous!

Isn't it lovely! Barb is a very talented lady who makes many gorgeous things like this. She crochets as well as doing stitchery, patchwork and quilting. When I can work out how, I shall add a link to her blog on here.

For my birthday, among other surprises, my lovely man gave me this.

Yep! It is a Spotlight voucher. He certainly knows his way to my heart. More fabrics here I come.

The pressie from my parents came in this beautiful box.

So spoilt! ( And I love it hehehe)

So what am I stitching? Currently I am working on this stitchery pincushion that is a free pattern on  the Red Brolly blog. I love Bronwyn Hayes stuff. Hopefully, or is that hopfully, I will finish it in time for Easter to add to my pincushion collection.

Talking about birthday pressies, it was Barb's birthday yesterday and I made her this.

Thanks for stopping by. Tell me if you have the collector's bug too. What do you collect?

Angel Blessings to you all.