Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Did the earth move for you last night?  It is only a year since we last had a couple of earth tremors but they weren't as high on the scale as this one. I was sitting stitching when this one happened.  A shake up to get things done and I did!
Last night I finished putting the binding on my mother's bedrunner and also finished the last Henrietta Whiskers applique block.  I am looking forward to piecing all the Henrietta Whiskers blocks together ready for the borders and more appliques around those borders. Maybe I'll complete another quilt this year. Hmmmmm.

The colour isn't really right on this but it gives you an idea. Here is a close up of the quilting I had done.

Here is Henrietta with her friend.

I have also completed a few more Farmer's Wife blocks.

In between all this I have been crocheting a lap rug for charity.

I have managed to read a few books during the past couple of months. The non fiction ones were really interesting.

Yesterday I went to Spotlight and look what I found! I looove chookies and so does my stitching girlfirend  so I bought some for her too.

Well, I have cut and ironed the binding for my cat's quilt ready to pin on and  machine stitch..  Hopefully I shall get it done this afternoon so I can handstitch the binding to the back tonight.  Maybe, just maybe, I will have a pic for you next time. Until then, many angel hugs and blessings to you all.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


The past week or so I have been finishing a few things. Remember Sue Daley's" Block to Block" monthly subscription I joined? Well, I have finished 2 of the blocks. They are 8" square.

I only have one Farmer's Wife block to show you but I have another almost completed and have prepared 2 more blocks ready to stitch.. These are only 6" square.

I haven't done a lot of patchwork, quilting or stitching lately because I have been focusing on  finishing the crocheted rug for my hubby which I now have achieved. It takes pride of place on the back of his chair.

I also wanted to crochet a scarf for a dear friend .

As well as these I finally finished the knitted knee rug for charity which I crocheted around the edge.

Now I have this bunde of knitted blocks from mum to stitch together for charity. Yes, probably with a crocheted edge!

I haven't got around to doing the bindings on the 2 quilts I mentioned in my last post. Hmmm must get a "Round Tuit" and then I will get much more done! It seems I need some elves to keep stitching through the night. Can anyone spare theirs? Meanwhile, I have started another crocheted  rug for charity.

Until my next post may the time between bring you all  much love, joy and good health. Angel Blessings.