Sunday, 29 March 2015


My dear hubby is quite amused each evening when I haul my Insanity quilt to the couch, plonk down with it draped over my legs, cushions and floor and proceed to thread 3 needles to start stitching the borders . I made a vow to myself that I would work on this quilt every night until the first couple of borders are completed. With one side and another round to go on 3 sides, I still have a lot to do but it will happen! I then need to search for another background fabric that will surround all the rosettes ( hexie flowers)  for the next part of the quilt.

I have enjoyed stitching pressies, swaps and BOMs during the daylight hours .  I have now completed the 3rd block of Val Laird's BOM.

Having finished some things for swaps and birthdays I decided to start stitching this little pattern that I bought on the Fabric Frolic at The Patchwork Teahouse. I am stitching it in blue and putting it in a little frame in my bedroom.
My birthday is only days away now and I am starting to get quite excited as parcels arrive. I am really good and NOT opening them until the day.
I am also waiting for  Gail Pan's new Christmas book to arrive . Have you seen it?  
I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy some sunshine. The weather has been topsy turvy here , winter one day, autumn the next. Thankyou for stopping by.
Angel blessings. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Yep! It's true. I am bordering on insanity while bordering my Insanity quilt. It seems an endless task going round and around , hexie by hexie.  To make matters worse, I have almost run out of the background fabric! Remember how I was preparing the hexie flower with the background fabric around them? Well, I am glad I only did 10 of them because I now have to reverse sew them all!!! Grrrrrr. Not happy. I figure they will stand out from any new fabric I happen to find. So, my plan is to get some new background fabric for the next lot of borders and that way it will look like it was planned that way. I guess I shall just need to spend a few extra hours unpicking and redoing. I am having problems finding similar fabric of the same tint. There are yellow whites, cream whites, white whites, beige whites etc etc etc and it is doing my head in. Thus my quilt so far.......

I have been working on the borders every night while watching TV or DVDs but have also finished Gail Pan's freebie Spring stitchery. There is  another stitchery peeking out underneath but it is hidden for a reason. Hehehehe.
This afternoon I started a cute Red Brolly freebie Easter stitchery.
For a moment I thought I'd also run out of the purple border fabric for the Insanity quilt but after much scrounging around in my sewing room I discovered a couple of metres of it. Wish I'd found the same amount of  background fabric too.
 It's times like these I remind myself that it is "patch" work  after all. 
On that note I wish you all Angel Blessings..


Monday, 9 March 2015


 It is March already and and I seem to be keeping up to date with BOMs and swaps. Today I stitched the 3rd block of Jenny's BOM. ( see side bar for the link).

I also completed the first FHFS project which isn't due until the end of April but I need to start the 2nd one due mid year as I won't be able to do it around that time. Some exciting adventure is afoot that I may tell you about some time.  So, here is a peek of the FHFS which is the theme of hexies.

I'm not telling you how big, how small or what it actually is. It could be teeny tiny or humongous! Hehehehe.
This afternoon I started a new little freebie stitchery from Gail Pan. Gotta love that girl! I was lucky enough to catch up with her again the first Saturday of the month in Traralgon at a Vic Quilters Gathering. She has some very exciting things happening this year which I was honoured to have a sneak peek of.
It was a day of stitching today at one of my patchwork groups and I was soooooo thrilled to have this handsome fella given to me. Lauren is the daughter of a lovely quilty friend and she makes awesome 3D origami . I saw her making something a while ago and asked if she could make an owl. Thinking nothing more of it I was quite surprised when Rita presented him to me. So many hours of folding littler bits of paper to interlock together. He even has a blingy tail! He feels quite solid . AMAZING!

Hmmm, I wonder what his name shall be.
Angel Blessings