Saturday, 31 December 2016


  OPAM already!  Thankfully, I have completed a few projects this month seeing as Christmas was involved. I started making my December mini way back in November but didn't finish it until it was too late to display being Christmas. 
I made 4 plastic bag dispensers with 3 matching tea towels. ( One was for me).
I made 2 little Christmas decos. Unfortunately, I didn't take pics of them . I made a little round red and white one for Barb and a half eaten ginger bread man for Shez. Shez has kindly allowed me to pinch her pic from her blog but it hasn't worked. 
So, in total......10 items!!!! Yey me!!!!
May the New Year ahead be filled with an abundance of peace, love, joy , laughter and good health for all my bloggy friends.
Angel Blessings.


Thursday, 22 December 2016


Well well well. Who would a thunk it! Here I was having a sewing break that I didn't want due to naughty FMS and now I have turned that right around. Late yesterday afternoon I decided to make  some plastic bag dispensers that hang from the pantry door. It all started when I thought I would make one for my youngest daughter who has recently moved into an apartment . Now, I remember buying some chook fabric a few years ago to make one of these for myself. Did it happen? NO! So I rummaged through my stash and found it. Yey! Hmm, my eldest daughter would like that too.  Maybe mum would like one as well. Found bee fabric in my stash Wooohoo!  ( Dad is a hobby bee keeper).

                       Result.....4 plastic bag dispensers, One for me, DD1, DD2, and mum. The skull and cross bones one is for DD1 in case you are wondering. Sooo her!

Then a light bulb moment happened. I remembered having some plain tea towels tucked away amongst my stash.  Afternoon sewing turned into evening sewing. Voila! Matching tea towels.
I am doing the happy dance again now that I have had some stitchin' time.  
Angel Blessings.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


I have mentioned before how Barb and I exchange gifts for Christmas and birthdays each year. This has been happening for around 12 years now since I first "met" her on a craft forum. Ofcourse, we have managed to catch up with each other in person a few times over the years and I wish we could live closer to each other. Well, today I was fortunate to be home when a parcel from Barb was delivered. I opened the post bag and saw that I was instructed to open the card which then said I could open one of the gifts straight away and I could also open the other one today or at Christmas. ( I usually wait until Christmas Eve to open Barb's gift.) What was in the smaller gift?

                                               2 beautifully crocheted baubles in my colours.

I thought about saving the larger gift but then promptly decided to open it right then and there.
OMG!!!!! I think I was standing with my mouth wide open when I opened it. Glad I was home alone LOL
It is the most beautifully crocheted blanket with an owl right in the centre!!! These pics do not do it justice as I only had 2 chairs to drape it over . I couldn't hold it up and take the pic at the same time .

                                                               A close up of the owl.

It is draped over the back of my armchair with the owl cushion my daughter and partner gave me for my birthday this year.  Hopefully, they will have a "hoot of a time" together". 
I know it sounds a cliché, but words can not express how I feel about this amazing beautiful and thoughtful gift from a very special friend. THANKYOU SO MUCH DEAR BARB!!!
Angel Blessings.

Sunday, 11 December 2016


Whew! I am so tired and it isn't even Christmas yet. I am quite disappointed with myself this year as I have not managed to make some little gifts to give to people . With little time left to post things I think I shall be frantically shopping and trying to do some stitching. On a brighter note, hubby and I took the ferry from Sorrento to attend Sue ( KiwiKid) and her hubby's 60th birthday celebration. The day was a bit cool and cloudy when we headed over but the afternoon was beautiful. I caught up with Tracey as well!

Remember the secret hexie project? I can now reveal that it was for Sue. It is a little table mat and I included a scented soy candle to go with it.
The bay was quite calm on the way home, unlike the rocky trip over.  It is a pity we couldn't stay longer but the last ferry was at 6pm so we needed to leave at 5pm.

I have had a few fatigue days the past couple of weeks so I stocked up on some DVDs.
Ofcourse, one can not watch the new Ab Fab movie without a glass of champers. Pity I couldn't find a glass big enough for my strawberry!
Alas, I have no stitching to show this time as I haven't done any. My fibromyalgia has been acting up and I am lucky to get 4 hours sleep each night, usually only when I have taken pain killers. Oh, how I yearn for summer weather!!
Thank you for stopping by.
Angel Blessings.

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Silly me! Here's me thinking November has 31 days. Oh dear. It hit me around 2-00am this morning when the radio announcer mentioned that it was the first day of summer. Oops!  I was going to put the binding on my December mini today, but , alas, too late! Ah well, at least it will be listed in the December finishes. So, what did I complete?   The Christmas critters hexie table mat I have made for a friend in the U.K.....

The crocheted baby blankie I have made for my first grandchild due in February.( It is sooooo big! I think I am a loose crocheter.)
The secret sewing project that I still can't show you.
I also finished a book this month. Which is a fantastic true story.
So, 3 projects and one book. Not bad for me.
Thanks for stopping by.
Angel Hugs