Monday, 25 March 2013


No need to remind you that Easter is fast approaching . Have you been making anything special for Easter? I found a pin cushion that I was making for Easter last year but never completed, so that is definately on my finish list before Friday. I can't belive I didn't finish it as it was only a small project . Red Brolly has a lovely free project for Easter but I have put that aside to make 3 tea towels from Bunny Hill. I have finished the first one which is for my eldest daughter.

Meanwhile, I have continued doing the stitcheries for Red Brolly's  Cotton Country. The current one is a bunny, how appropriate!

For a personal challenge I am participating in a Celtic Knot BOM at one of my patchwork groups. I have never made any Celtic Knots before , so I am rather pleased with this one.

It reminds me of a cat.

When I was browsing in a bric a brac shop at Bendigo I came across this interesting mat. There were a few of them but I particularly liked this one. I picked it up and examined it to work out how to make one. I sketched a couple of things in my notebook then remembered I had my camera with me. Dah! I think I have worked out how to piece it but it may get a bit bulky. Have you ever seen these before? Any ideas?


Seeing as I had my camera I couldn't resist taking a pic of the entry floor at the Bendigo Bakery. I think this is my new strange passtime. I do get funny looks.  

Well, it is fare thee well from this ol' chook.  Thanks so much for stopping by. Angel Blessings to you all



Saturday, 9 March 2013


This past week has been very busy and productive . I have been an intrepid traveller . A quick overnight visit to Sydney followed by one day at home before heading off to Western Victoria to catch up with some ancestry. Without further ado I shall just say that my hubby and I were invited to a function at Admiralty House to meet the Governor- General, Quentin Bryce who is a most delightful lady. What was the most memorable bit of our visit for me? The floors!!!!! Take a look at these.

 Am I an obsessed patchworker??? People were looking at me rather strangely when I was taking the photos.

After that I had the chance to head off to Ballarat, Bendigo and Great Western where I managed to talk my brother into stopping at some patchwork stores for me. Ofcourse, I had a million and one projects in mind to buy fabric for. These are some bluey grey fat 1/4s I bought for a new project I have in mind.

         Some Jo Morton fabrics.

Some chookies , bees and red and white fabrics. I am now collecting bee fabrics to put in all my projects as my dad is a hobby bee keeper .

OOPS!!! I took a video. Sorry!!!! I am using my hubby's camera.  It seems my cat, Clay, has a short debut in this too.

Finally, some Cottage Garden Threads. I love these variegated threads and have used them in a few projects. So, I just had to buy some more to add to my stash.


Thanks for taking the time to visit. It is rather hot here again today so I probably won't be stitching much. A perfect day for washing all those fabrics though.  Angel blessings.