Monday, 12 February 2018


Once again the time has flown by yet I am still trying to finish Little Lucy. I have been stitching each night in an attempt to complete the final round before seeking suitable fabric for the borders and taking a deep breath before I needle turn the top to the borders. Well, I only had about 4 of the antique white pieces left to stitch on when I noticed that one of the pieces I had already done was frayed so badly that it was barely holding together. Hmmm what to do? My whipstitch is really fine , so fine that there is no way to unpick it without fraying the rest of the fabric. Okay, panic set in and I broke out in a hot sweat which was not one of my hot flushes. I decided to put it away for the night. The next evening I decided to be very brave and cut the offending pieces away , 4 in all as they were attached to each other. Now I was left with a ridge on each bit so I tried to cut as much away as possible without poking a big hole in the fabric. I eventually decided to whipstitch slightly under the ridge on that side. I figured if it didn't look right there was nothing I could do about it. However, it looks okay! Yey!

Now I just need to fill in those jagged edges between the blocks.
Meanwhile I started the EPP for the "Old Time Kaleidoscope" block. However, the fussy cutting of the more detailed fabric is proving to be rather frustrating. Despite following the photo included with the pattern my pieces do not line up properly. Needless to say I have put this aside for a while and may need to send away for more of that fabric to play with. I don't think that it has been a very good stitching week for me.
I finished a book in January which is written by an Aussie who is currently writing a sequel. This is her first book and I was rather impressed. It seems that I am accidently discovering a lot of Australian authors.   
I hope you have had a better stitching week than me.
Angel Blessings.

Monday, 15 January 2018


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  It is good to be back blogging again and looking at all your beautiful projects underway. I know that a lot of people are heading over to facebook or instagram but I have neither of those and also prefer the more personalised feel of blogging. It seems that time is not a thing people have much of anymore despite modern technology which is supposed to make things easier for us. All you lovely bloggers inspire and encourage me on many levels, particularly with our craft. Recently, I was inspired to start a new quilt when I saw Michelle's blog.  She started making Anni Downs' "An Angels Story" quilt. I have had the pattern book for years since buying it on sale but have never got around to making it. So, thanks to Michelle I have made a start. Determined to use fabrics from my ever growing stash  I selected brighter colours than my usual Civil War repros. They are mainly tone on tone but I think they will work well. 

I have cut out all the fusible applique pieces and placed each individual angel's into zip lock bags.
Last night I fused some pieces to my first block.
I completed all the blocks for Anni's "A Gardener's Journal" many years ago and they are still sitting in a box full of other stitcheries I have done for a few more quilts. Oh my! How did that happen? So, I am promising myself that I shall finish that particular quilt this year and maybe a couple of others.
Meanwhile, I am on the home stretch with my Little Lucy quilt. I am just putting the final row on now and then I need to work out what border fabric to needle turn it to. I ran out of the antique cream fabric I was using for the last round but fortunately Sandy ( Shiralee Stitches) still had some. Whew! 
Oh dear! When I was ordering that fabric I couldn't resist buying a block from Sandy's BOM "Old Time Kaleidoscope" , another EPP fussy cut project. That's how I got into my Little Lucy project. I enjoy fussy cutting but sometimes it really challenges me.
If you wish to start a free BOM pop over to Jenny's blog. I usually do her BOMs each year but this one was previously in her stitchers club which I had purchased and made into individual monthly minis. I loved making them and the designs can be used in many ways.
Well, it is that time of year when our beautiful abundance of fruit on our trees becomes Cocky food. I don't mind sharing but the cockatoos strip the trees and virtually take one or 2 pecks from each piece of fruit before dropping it to the ground ( or on the roof). I am pleased that the pretty coloured parrots got a feed of apples before the cockies arrived.
Cheeky Cocky!
I hope this year brings you much sewing time and joy.
Angel Blessings.