Friday, 27 June 2014


Are you all enjoying winter? It is a great time of year to stitch away the days and nights, snuggled up with the cat and a cuppa. Hubby doesn't mind some attention now and then too although I might drop a stitch. Dilemma! I started this quilt -as- you- go hexie table mat on the retreat last weekend and finished it a couple of days ago. I hadn't considered quilting it but am now thinking it will need it if it is to be washed a few times. On the other hand, if the batting bunches up in each individual hexie it may just give it a puffy look. Question.... do you think it will be okay not to quilt it? Do you think it would be best quilted? I am a hand quilter, so if I do quilt it I then have the next question. HOW?

I finished the 3rd last Crazy Cat block. The other 2 shall be completed soon. Wooohooo!

Another Christmas stitchery is in my hoop. This is the 4th one I have done of this particular design to make into pressies.

On the way to San Remo for the retreat last weekend, we stopped at a few shops along the way. One shop had heaps of 1800s repros so I bought some to add to my every growing collection.

These are the books I read last month. I can highly recommend Kate Morton's books. This is her 4th book, great to see another successful Aussie writer. The other fiction author is new to me but I did enjoy it. Ofcourse, I love any bios about womens' role in war.


I am due to send my 12" mini to someone who remains a secret. Unfortunately it won't be posted until next week as it is still being finished. Here is a peek.

BUT, I have already received mine from Peg. She has sooooooo spoiled me! Thankyou so very very much Peg.

IT is a gorgeous Anni Downs design. I think Peg knows I like her patterns.

                                          What was in that box? A CAFE !!!!

Sorry about all the pics on this post. That's what happens when I don't update for so long.
Thanks so much for stopping by again. Keep warm and snug. Angel Blessings to you all. 

Monday, 16 June 2014


As you know I collect  many things and some of my collections have recently increased. I love making pincushions and recently finished 2 rather large ones which were a Lynette Anderson kit. I still have 2 more to make. Hmmm, not sure if they are large pincushions or small cushions. Either way, I think they shall remain unused and simply displayed to look at.

Another favourite collection I have is thimbles from various places around the world and here in Australia. I have been quite blessed to have a few people buy them as a gift for me on their travels. Pam, a gorgeous friend from one of my patchwork groups recently went to England and brought me back 3 lovely thimbles from Monaco, Paris and Bath. Boy, was I spoiled!

A couple of weeks ago my youngest daughter came down to stay for a couple of days, knew I loooove owls and presented me with this salt and pepper set. The tin on the right, (yes they are also  collected by moi ), was a gift to me for mothers day from my mum. My darling mum always gives me a mothers day pressie. How lucky am I !

At the patchwork retreat I attended a few weeks ago we had a music trivia night and we all received a prize. Wooohooooo! Or is that Hooo Hoooo? An owl mug!!!!

QUESTION :   Does anyone know where emery sand can be purchased in small quantities here in Australia?  One of the gals at patchwork has tried everywhere and cannot get it. I have no idea, nor do others I know. It used to be a good pincushion filler as it keeps the pins and needles sharp and this is what it is needed for. I would also like to use it in my pincushions.  Has anyone used walnut shells? Do they stain the fabric? 

Well, I am busy  preparing stitching etc for another retreat and am waaaaaay behind so I had best get on with it.. Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. Angel Blessings to you all.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


 It is officially winter here in the Southern hemisphere but we are still getting rather mild weather. There is not much I like about the colder weather apart from the opportunity to stitch the days away while relaxing on the couch with a cuppa , the heating on and a good DVD.  I have managed to complete more stitcheries of Woodland Secrets and only have 1 and a half left to do. I seem to be zooming along with them.

I think the Cosmo Multiworks threads make it quicker and less fiddly as I don't need to separate the strands . The reels already have 2 strands on them. I love the Cosmo threads as they appear to be a bit silkier . 

I have finished knitting all the pieces for my cardi and am about to stitch it all together. I am pondering whether to just crochet around the neck and front instead of knitting bands and doing button holes. I never do cardis or jackets up.

I have completed the top of the Lynette Anderson cushion . The pattern says to stuff it with polyfil
 but I think I will buy a cushion insert and make the cover removable. More work but more practical.

The cushion will then live on this beautiful chair that my lovely dad has restored for me. It was my great grandmother's. It was the traditional wicker colour, the front of the seat was unravelled and the feet were a bit rusty. He discovered that the chair is actually made of twisted hemp so he had to find another medium to work with.  After much thinking he decided to use a nylon cord and twisted it himself! He made the feet from sheets of aluminium, then painted it with my choice of colour. I am absolutely rapt with my chair. Not only does it have family history but it is soooooo comfy. Just the right size for little ol' me. ( my feet can actually reach the floor! Hehehehe)


 This week is a finishing off week. I am up to the binding stage of my little "Civil War in Autumn " quilt , stitching the openings up on 2 rather large pincushions and putting a button on them , finishing the backing for that cushion, finishing the cardi , (hopefully), and getting back to the latest Civil War quilt I showed you last time. Some Christmas stitching has also sneaked in there.  I have another patchwork retreat coming up soon so I need to prepare for that too.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I love to read your comments and also look at your lovely blogs. Angel Blessings to you all. Keep warm and keep stitching.