Saturday, 28 November 2015


 Are you in a tizz with Christmas coming up? I am so amazed how many people have already put their decorations up and it isn't even December yet. I suppose there is so much to do and that is one of the more enjoyable things to cross off the list. After all the wedding preps I realised that I have so many gifts to make for  all the people who have been so lovely to me this past year. So, yes, I am in a bit of a tizz. However, yesterday I started all the prep work using these fabrics......

After much tracing and cutting I have a few piles like this.
Then I sat down with my tray of necessities while I watched a couple of movies.
I now have a pile of these to play with.
I have also been doing some crocheting for gifts.
Still so much to do, so many Christmas projects to complete, so much secret sewing ,
I hope you are all keeping on top of things and not getting into too much of a tizz.
Angel Blessings.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


I know, I know , I am being a little self indulgent but I have to show you some better pics of the wedding. Here are some preparation pics. Renae has very long curly hair but her hair had to first be straightened and then be curled! Go figure.

Sarsha had her hair curled too.
The flower girl wasn't too sure about her hair being put in curlers.
While hair was being done Sarsha was doing everyone's makeup. She is a Makeup Artist so that was quite handy.
The photographer arrived and took pics in the garden My dad took these photos.
 Bec ( Renae's best friend since High School) and her daughter Scarlett, Renae and Sarsha.
Scarlett did a wonderful job as flower girl despite the very long wait all morning.

Wedding vows.
Cutting the cake.
Bride sprung eating cake  hehehe.

Mark and I with Renae.
For no apparent reason some pics wouldn't stay rotated so you have been saved from more photos.
Many pleas to angels were made that day for sunshine and no rain. At 11.00am ish that morning I broke a front tooth biting into a sandwich. I had to leave ahead of the bridal party at 1.30pm and I wondered how I would be able to smile for the camera  and laugh the way I always do. I wasn't happy!  Da da..... my dear father came to the rescue. Fortunately, we were all leaving from my parents' home. Dad is a retired Dental Technician and still has some equipment. By 12.30 I had a temporary new tooth !!! He saved the day. I couldn't eat all day but at least I was presentable for the photos and could enjoy myself. Turns out I have an abscess and I had part 1 of a root treatment this morning. Thank heavens I had no pain as there was no nerve in that tooth.
I thank each and every one of you for your beautiful kind words and blessings and for those who also prayed for lovely weather. As you know, I don't usually share personal things on this blog but this is one big exception.
Angel Blessings.   


Tuesday, 17 November 2015


It was my  daughter Renae's big day on Saturday. The clouds loomed overhead that morning but the many positive vibes from people ensured that the sun was shining when the time came for walking down the grass aisle from the arbour to the platform that Kipp had made. Colleen's ( groom's mum) garden was absolutely beautiful . I shall have pics of all this later but meanwhile I can only share these with you.   

                                             My 2 beautiful girls with me after the ceremony.

The dresses .

The cake stand which was made by the groom from fallen trees and branches on the property.
That's all for now but stand by for a few more a bit later.
Angel Blessings.


Friday, 13 November 2015


 Today I had to pinch myself when I arose this morning. The eve of my first born's wedding has come quickly. Renae and her fiancĂ©  have organised all the wedding preparations themselves upon their insistence, and there has been very little for me to do. So, today I was really looking forward to spending time with Renae, her future mother in law and sister in law decorating cupcakes. Unfortunately, my mum couldn't go as she has been unwell and was resting up for the big day tomorrow. Renae was concentrating in this pic.

Her sister in law, Greer, had baked all the cupcakes with her mum , iced them all with a fudgy concoction ,and made all the edible cake decorations.
150 decorated cupcakes!!!!
Greer has also made the cake toppers....a Renae with roller skates on ( Renae was an artistic roller skater as a child and now does Precision skating).
And Kipp is a bike rider. (The Groom and groomsmen are wearing thongs and board shorts.)
"Thongs and board shorts ?" you ask. I have seen the shorts and they are a nice fabric. Despite the boys being semi casual all I can say is the bride and bridesmaids are definitely NOT casual. They are going to look stunning.
This is a crafty blog and I think Greer 's crafty talents are quite appropriate.
So, it is the countdown to the big day and I just hope I can get to sleep for my early rise in the morning.
Angel Blessings.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


Naughty me! A week ago I received a lovely parcel in the mail from Sue and I haven't yet shown you what was in this package. Sue was heading overseas and told me should would try to find me a thimble from Russia.  So, when the package arrived I was a bit puzzled as to why it was so big. Well, when I opened the parcel  this is what I discovered.

It is the cutest tin that looks just like a little suitcase with a leather handle and a gorgeous travel tag. Yep, Sue knows I also love tins. So, what was inside?
Not just one thimble but four! Don't you love the interior of this little tin?
Gotta love that Babushka ( must be the right spelling because spell check didn't underline it ). A sweet owl on another one ( Sue also knows I love owls...I do collect lots of things), The tankard thimble reminds me of a couple I bought in Carcassone and the other one in the box is so cute.
I do have so many awesome bloggy friends.
Since I finished the crocheted rug and tried to crochet my first hexie I found myself making all these.
Now I want to try a smaller crochet hook and see how the hexies turn out. Looks like I am "hooked"
Angel Blessings. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Another post already? Yes indeedy didey do! I am so happy because I have finished the crochet-along blanket. I just weaved (wove?) the last bit of yarn in a couple of hours ago and have taken a pic or 2 with it on my QS bed so you get an idea how large it is. Da da........

                                                        Here are some close ups .


Having achieved my goal of learning more crochet stitches I decided to try making some crocheted hexies with the left over yarns. Here is my first attempt. I think the tension may need to be adjusted.
So, I am now in hexie heaven with crochet as well as patchwork.
Angel Blessings.

Sunday, 8 November 2015


 Yesterday was my eldest daughter's Hens Party which was a high tea followed by games in the park. I am so excited with the wedding coming up next Saturday . Here is a pic of my 2 girls, Renae on the left ( the bride to be) and Sarsha on the right. I am so proud of my beautiful daughters. I don't usually put personal things on my blog but just had to share this.

Angel Blessings.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


I am amazed at how frequently I have been blogging lately. I guess that's because I have been busy stitching. First I want to show you what I made for Carol in our FHFS for October. Now, wool or felt was waaaay out of my comfort zone but I had a test drive with a couple of projects I made for Christmas which I showed you earlier. Having discovered that I quite like working with this medium I was then on the hunt for some good wool/felt which proved to be a very difficult task locally. So, with the time ticking away I located what I needed from Mrs Martins Quilt Shop  via the internet.  Thanks to Karen I could then proceed making what I had planned . I found a lovely design for a table runner in one of my Simply Vintage magazines and this is the result.

I am still having fun sorting through scraps of wool felt for another project or two but meanwhile I have been busy stitching something for myself  from Gail Pan's book Patchwork Loves Embroidery. Being a blanket stitch applique person I found trying to needle turn good but I have not quite perfected it yet. ( So glad this project is only for me).  I have cut the sashings and corner stones  ready to machine piece as soon as I have completed the last 5 blocks.
My crochet -a-long is growing and I am on the last few rows now before I start the borders. I have really enjoyed this adventure and am looking for more patterns to use up all my left over yarns.
 Now I am looking for background fabric to complete the hexie Christmas freebie design from the lovely Jenny.
Angel Blessings.