Saturday, 30 April 2016


Woohooo! This month I have achieved 3 finishes.

Now I have almost finished my first one for May!
Angel Blessings.


Monday, 25 April 2016


On Saturday I sat at my sewing machine determined to complete 3 of the Splendid Sampler blocks that I had prepared earlier. Woohooo! Off I went but frustration soon overtook any joy I may have had. Once again, despite my concerted effort to be accurate when cutting and sewing, the nasty little gremlins decided to play havoc and each block turned out smaller than the size they were meant to be. So, I am seriously thinking of just chucking these blocks away with the other ones I stuffed up and giving the SS a big miss. After all, I have so many other projects I can be doing without driving me to G&Ts , coffee and chocolate!

On a brighter note, I have really enjoyed stitching Jenny's calendar blocks and I have now completed 2 more ready to make into mini quilts . I like putting them on display and changing them each month. 
August is almost finished too! But I will save that one for later.
Another thing I enjoy is reading and I have been rather slack the last couple of years allowing the computer to get in the way  of books. I used to read  50 -60 books a year and I am rather disappointed with myself lately as I have so many books on my shelf just waiting to be read. I have to thank Michelle  for inspiring me once again. It seems that Michelle has the same reading taste as I do and I have been book stalking her. Kate Morton is a favourite Australian author of mine and I have all her books. You may recall that I purchased her latest one a while ago ? I just completed it and it was a really great read as usual. 
Well, I suppose I should get back to stitching now. Or reading.
I hope that each and every one of you have something to smile about this week.
Angel Blessings.

Friday, 22 April 2016


                                          This time last week hubby and I took this........

So I could give Sue this...
Then we came back home.
It's amazing what a girl will do to save postage these days! Seriously though, we had a fantastic day with Sue and her hubby . The weather was fantastic but it sure turned dark quickly when we were coming home. Thankyou Sue for a wonderful day eating, chatting and NO sewing. Can you believe that? We also forgot to take pics. Way too busy!
I have been happily stitching together Michelle's Tiny Teacup Teddies and I completed the table topper yesterday.
I know that a few of my blog friends are having a hard time at the moment with illness and loved ones to care for. I am sending many angel healing hugs and blessings to you all. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


 I am sooo behind with the Splendid Sampler blocks.  I started out with great enthusiasm determined to commit myself to making each block as soon as it was released. So what happened? Well, after success with a challenging block and a big sigh of relief I then discovered that I had cut it too small along with another couple. I think that is when my SS mojo flew out the window.  Okay, so how does one get themselves re motivated?  I decided to head back in that sewing room, get out the binder of SS patterns and start cutting. I figure that if I at least cut them and bag them I can piece them another time. Once I have that sewing machine humming there shall be no stopping me!  4 blocks are bagged and labelled and I plan to cut out more blocks tomorrow.

I have completed 2 more Lucy Boston blocks which now makes a grand total of 8. I am only going to make 4 more so I am nearly there.
I finished binding my May mini. June is nearly ready for piecing and I have just finished selecting fabrics and threads for July and August. Need more threads. Oh dear, how sad! Hehehe.
My secret sewing is nearly done but I can't show you yet. I am also about to embark on hand quilting another finished project. My teddies are hollering and my latest little Civil War quilt has been neglected for quite a while. Off to sew I go.
Angel Blessings.

Friday, 8 April 2016


Don't you love surprises! Well, I certainly received a lovely surprise the other day from gorgeous Sue..    I opened the envelope and found these.....  do you see a bit of a theme happening?

                            I untied the owl ribbon and unwrapped the owl fabric to discover this......

So then I opened my amazing leather owl box and discovered a couple of beautiful purple fabrics and the most lovely purple Cottage Garden thread.
THANKYOU so much Sue.
But wait, there's more. A while ago I won something from Anthea's blog and it arrived this week too.
Anthea has made a lovely zipped bag and put all sorts of goodies inside for me. I admire anyone who can sew zippers!


So, what have I been stitching this past week? Not a lot! But I did manage to hand quilt the May Mini and cut the binding ready to sew on.

I also started a secret project .
 I have said it before and I will say it again.....Bloggy friends are awesome!!!!
ANGEL BLESSINGS.....this angel pic is uncanny, it looks just like my youngest daughter! Really!

Sunday, 3 April 2016


It was my birthday yesterday and we had plans for today that had to be cancelled due to my poor hubby having a slight vehicle accident on Friday ---the vehicle being his wheelchair! After a few hours in hospital he came home Friday night and is recovering from medication haze.  Could have been much worse so all is well. Fortunately, a lovely bottle of Moet was hidden in a cupboard  for me and hubby was lucid enough to tell me where it was hidden. Sooo, what is a girl to do? Drink it of course! Well, only a glass yesterday and maybe a couple today.

 My parents popped in yesterday to give my pressie. I looove blue and white china.
The parcel from Barb has been sitting unopened for over a week . Aren't I good? It was so lovely to be able to open it . Barb, as usual, has outdone herself yet again. A HUGE thankyou Barb!!!!
I got an awesome surprise when my youngest daughter , Sarsha, and her partner arrived today. I thought I wasn't going to see them as our reserved lunch had been cancelled. Look what they had for me.... so cute!
So, I am doing the happy dance feeling so blessed. Poor hubby has been in bed all day but he is comfortably numb on meds and a small glass of champers.
Angel Blessings