Sunday, 30 September 2012


The past few weeks I have been quite blessed receiving some lovely things from some thoughtful and generous people. One of the ladies at my patchwork and quilting group knows that I love wooden cotton reels and said she had a couple she'd like to give me. Well, does this like a "couple" to you?

It is a shoe box full!

And look what else came with them.

2 vintage needle books and a gorgeous little cardboard box with more needles in them!

Here is a pic of the needle books opened. 

Aren't they great?

Here is another one .

I haven't done much patchwork , stitching, knitting or crocheting lately but I have managed to complete 2 more "Wish Quilt " stitcheries from Red Brolly.

That's all I have to show you for now but I shall have some more pics soon.

Thanks so much for visiting. Angel blessings.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Woohooo!!! I think I have found a way to banish those  nasty gremlins.  Fingers crossed now.

Where were we before I was rudely interupted?

I think I was going to show you  the gorgeous thimbles my darling daughter bought for me when she was in California.
See the Mickey mouse one? It is made of glass.


A lovely neighbour of my mum's bought me a Delph thimble from Holland.

 Now, what else? I  knitted a cute little owl from a knitting book my eldest daughter gave to me. It has several different animlas in it but I just had to make the owl seeing as I collect them.

I think I shall call him Barney.

Want to see my other owls?

I have been following Red Brolly's free BOM "The Wish Quilt". Here are the pics of the stitcheries I have completed.

I also completed the Sashiko top of a tablerunner. I haven't stitched it together yet.

I am sure I had heaps more things to show you but they will have to wait. I am still having some wee gremlins hanging around but I shall try to banish them too.

Thankyou for being so patient. Angel blessings.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hi everyone. I am still having heaps of problems trying to work out how to upload photos on here so I have decided to keep blogging without the photos until I can solve the dilemma.

The past month I have been so blessed by a few people giving me some beautiful things.   On Saturday I attended my regular Sit 'n" Sew day with my quilting group and one of my lovely friends presented me with a shoe box full of wooden cotton reels, some vintage needle packets and other precious things. I was so touched because I really love sewing  notions from the past. Wooden cotton reels were discontinued in the 1970's. There are so many shapes , sizes and different timbers.  They are proudly displayed on my thimble rack. Which reminds me--- when my daughter returned from a holiday in California she presented me with some thimbles. A lovely glass one with Mickey Mouse on the top from Disneyland, one from Madame Tousseau's , a couple from San Francisco, another from Hollywood and a gorgeous one with a panda on the top from the zoo.  I was also given a thimble from my mum's neighbour- a beautiful blue and white Delph one from Holland. Spoilt huh?

I was also lucky to receive a patchwork book from Cheryl who is a lovely lady I have known  from a craft forum ( which most of you also belong to).  Then, today I returned home to find a parcel awaiting me from Barb.  What did I find? A yummy cat fabric and some purple toned DMC threads along with a cute owl pad.  She knows I love purple, cats and owls. What better surprise than that!

What have I been stitching? Currently I am stitching "The Wish Quilt", a freebie from Red Brolly. I have completed 3 of the stitcheries and am about to start another this evening. Well, that is the plan. Meanwhile I have made a couple more blocks for The Farmer's Wife quilt, and have been frantically basting more hexies to put the first 2 borders on the Insanity Quilt .

I just peeked inside my box of completed stitcheries awaiting piecing. There lays Brutus , A Gardener's Journal, 2 pin cushions , some cat stitcheries and "Breast of Friends" applique blocks. All these just need piecing, apart from the BOF  which needs more blocks made. I did find 2 fabrics today for Brutus, so maybe I shall get that one completed soon. I still have a bit more applique to do on Henrietta Whiskers.

Sorry for not having photos for you to see. I am still hoping to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, many angel blessings.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


 I have been trying to update my posts for a while but can't seem  to upload photos for some reason. I shall keep trying and seek some help from someone who is more computer savvy than I.  Until then, angel blessings to you all.