Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I know it is a while since I last posted but I have been stitching. Really and truly! Do you want to see what I have done? You know I love the Civil War repro fabrics and quilts so here is the result of handpiecing  2 dolls quilts. The first one is the Shoo Fly dolls quilt, the 2nd one is the Civil War Stars dolls quilt.

Then there is the English Paper Pieced bedside topper I have almost completed.

Remember the In Full Bloom stitchetries I did a while ago? Well ,they have all been pieced together as the photo shows. Since I took that pic I have sewn the inner borders on and stitched the outer border fabrics together ready to put on soon.

I have finished the cute little Gail Pan wallhanging from one of the Vignette magazines. Hers was all in browns but I chose to do blues and browns, It is needleturn applique and  embroidery. I machine pieced it but hand quilted it.

This is the current Celtic Knot I am stitching.

Meet Clay again. Since I tidied my sewing area he has decided that it is his! As cats do!

Hmmmm not much room for me to lay out my quilt blocks but as long as he is comfortable. *rolling my eyes*

I think that is enough for today. Next time I hope to have the completed Henrietta Whiskers quilt to show you. It is back from the quilter's just waiting for the binding and a few little buttons to be stitched on.

Meanwhile ,happy stitching, blog hopping and many angel blessings to you all.