Monday, 28 December 2015


Yesterday I decided to finally stitch this beautiful RQ angel that Barb gave to me for my last birthday. ( Gees, just  3 months until my next one!). I bought some fabrics quite a while ago to make some cushions and I thought this stitchery might go perfectly with them. The only problem is that I need to figure out the size and also attempt to put a zip in. I do have instructions how to insert a zip  but I am not presuming it to be as easy as it looks. 

Owls were quite a theme  as gifts for me this Christmas, both large and small. I think owls are taking over this house! I broke an old one while dusting the other day. See, dusting is dangerous. 
Back to stitching now after hanging the 5th load of washing out on the line. It is such a beautiful day for drying everything out in the fresh air and sunshine.
Thanks for stopping by.
Angel Blessings.


Saturday, 26 December 2015


Christmas Day has now been and gone and today was another family day which is now over and I am planning to chill out this evening. Unfortunately, I haven't been getting to sleep until around 4 to  5-30am  this past week and I am feeling rather tired. However, a few things sparked me up yesterday , namely lovely gifts from Barb and my Christmas Day Advent pressie from Keryn in our FHFS. I opened Keryn's gift and discovered this handsome chappy.

I am not sure I want to hide him away for a whole year after Christmas  as he seems to be rather comfortable in my cane chair adorned with mini quilts.
Next was Barb's gift and I was so thrilled to find everything wrapped in this gorgeous owl fabric . I haven't had time to iron it yet.
Inside was a beautiful covered journal with a purple pen, a lovely purple notebook . some lovely soap and a Cottage Garden Thread . I so love Cottage Garden threads.
I also have a lovely Christmas wall hanging Barb so beautifully stitched for me. It is hanging up on my dresser door alongside another project she made for me a few years ago. 
During the wee small hours of the morning when I have tried unsuccessfully to get to sleep several times I sometimes sit in bed colouring.
Both my girls gave me colouring books for Christmas. So now I have lots of designs to choose from.
A few weeks ago while Christmas shopping I found a colouring book and pencils for my mum. I know she has always loved colouring so I thought I would surprise her with something unique for Christmas. Well, a couple of days before Christmas mum tells me that dad has bought her some Derwent  pencils and a colouring book! There was silence on the phone while I gathered my thoughts and I had to tell her I had bought the same things for her LOL. WE joked about that and on Christmas Day she opened dad's, mine and then Renae's pressie. Guess what Renae and Kipp had bought her??? YEP!!! LOL. Pencils and colouring book. But wait, there's more..... she then opened Sarsha's pressie, whew, no pencils BUT another colouring book. At least all the pencils and books are different. So, clearly, there is a distinct lack of communication in our family  but we do put thought into our gifts LOL.
May you have a lovely Boxing Day.
Angel Blessings.

Sunday, 20 December 2015


 I love receiving parcels at my front door. The friendly courier always has a smile on his face and is up for a joke or 2. Today was no exception, even being a Sunday. Actually, I think it was really Santa in disguise as only the red suit was missing. Anyhoo, I digress. The parcel was from Sue and her beautiful gift is now on my coffee table. Thankyou soooo much Sue.

A few days earlier I was rather excited to receive Barb's parcel. I opened the package and found 2 parcels with strict instructions stuck to them.
So, being the compliant individual that I am I opened the bubble wrapped one and found this.
WOOHOOO! Thanks so much Barb.
Needless to say, I enjoyed a square or 2 ,(or 3), with a mug of coffee. I am enjoying my coffee in my new dotty mug that Keryn has given me. 
Thanks to my beautiful bloggy friends again.
Angel Blessings.

Thursday, 17 December 2015


 The days are getting warmer (and colder) , Christmas Day is fast approaching and I am still sewing Christmas things. I am also having fun opening daily advent pressies from my FHFS ( Friends Having Fun Swap) giver, Keryn.

I started a free Christmas project  from Jenny's blog a while ago and have just stitched the hexies together and cut out the background fabric. I am hoping to finish it over the next day or so. Now, I must say that I have changed one of the stitcheries using Jenny's unique birdie and making him Christmassy. I hope she doesn't mind. I shall let her know.

I have also been frantically hand stitching more coasters.
At the moment I am perspiring profusely and finding it difficult to stitch as we have no air conditioning. We do have a couple of fans though.
The last 4 days I have opened one of my advent gifts and have been so thrilled with each one.

Here are some pics of my Christmas decos.
The reindeer was from a workshop with Leanne Beasley and Gail Pan a couple of years ago at the Novatel where I met most of you lovely bloggers. The 2 stitchery pillows are from free Red Brolly designs a couple of years ago.  
Ofcourse, I have a few Gail Pan projects. Keryn's first 2 advent gifts to me are in this pic.
3 Sashiko stars , a cornucopia that Barb made for me a few years ago, my first and last attempt at foundation piecing --that little Christmas tree cornucopia, and an angel from Hanne in Norway last year. So special hanging special friends gifts. The angel on the left was from a lady in one of the swaps I was in a few years ago. Both angels hang around all year , not just Christmas, as I do love angels.

This little Santa is rather special as one of the elderly ladies in one of my patchwork groups gave it to me and she passed away a while ago. The table mat is a Rosie Q pattern and the Bon Bon is an Annie Downs pattern.

Another Gail Pan pattern.

Just a tin I loved and a little mat I found in an Op Shop.

My first Gail Pan project may years ago.
A table mat gift from another lovely stitcher a few years ago. More of those little stitched pillows. I was rather addicted making them. Those 2 little snowmen wind up and run across the floor. They came with a game last Christmas .
The tea towel was made for me by Barb many years ago. I think we have known each other over 10 years now and we always exchange Christmas gifts. My wool project is now proudly displayed for its first Christmas.

Hanging beneath my overloaded thimble rack is a lovely project I made from Fig'N'Berry 2 years ago.
Sorry about being so photo heavy. Just got carried away with all the Christmas projects and all the lovely blogs I have been looking at.
Thanks so much for visiting again. Angel Blessings.

Friday, 4 December 2015


Since one of my patchwork groups disbanded a short while ago, a few of us now meet once a month at our homes. Being December it was unanimously voted to have it at Jenni's because she is reknown for her Christmas decorations each year. I will show you why. When you enter the front  door and listen to the bells jingling on the door knob you walk past all this.

Then you are greeted by these 3 fellows.
To your right is a room full of lovely things including Santa climbing up and back down a ladder to the Christmas tree. Yes, he actually does climb it.
These 2 wall hangings are Jenni's creations, the first one" How To Build a Snowman", the 2nd one Santa getting into a helicopter. Or is he getting out?

A collection of snow domes initiated by Jenni's hubby and some other beautiful ornis.

An ice skating rink.
Then you walk back past the bear trio and a motion sensor activates these 2 displays. The tree opens up and plays music as Santa pops out. The tram has people dancing around on top and people moving down stairs.

In the main room it is one big Christmas adventure with Jenni's patchwork wall hangings and bought objects .

Santa is parachuting! Yes, he too moves.

Don't you love the plum pudding lamp!

A close up of Jenni's ingenious creations. One very talented lady!
Even the chair backs had Christmas covers that she had made.
They could hear me laughing when I went to the loo. Why? Well take a look!
Even the bathroom was adorned with these beautiful towels.
The vanity had this in the corner.
You can imagine how much time we all spent looking at everything. I hope I haven't saturated you with too many images but I was completely amazed at how much effort was put into decorating her home. There are still other Christmas things I didn't take a pic of but I think you get the idea.
Cheers and Angel Blessings.


Thursday, 3 December 2015


I was so looking forward to catching up with Mel yesterday at the Squilters' Christmas party.  I had such a wonderful day meeting a lovely bunch of gals for the first time and being able to finally sit and chat with Mel . Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera but if you pop over to Mel's blog you will be able to see some pics including one of the two of us together.  As it was a Christmas party I made a little something for a Kris Kringle but never took a pic. However, I did take a pic of what I made for Mel. Some Christmas coasters.

This is what Mel made for me. Very very cute.

And this beautiful embroidered necklace she made. (This is the 3rd pic I have taken and I they are all blurry!) I am so sorry Mel.  
My gorgeous gifts came with this little angel.
I was also very lucky to receive a Kris Kringle gift, a lovely Christmas doorstop. It came with some Ferrero Rocher but I can't seem to find them. *wink wink, nudge nudge* But it has been 24 hours!
I am so happy to know that Mel and I shall be able to catch up every month now doing what we both love....stitching, chatting and eating.
Thankyou my lovely friend for introducing me to the group.
It is always so nice to catch up with my blogger buddies whenever possible. Hopefully, next year I shall meet up with a few of you again.
Angel Blessings.