Saturday, 30 December 2017


 I have just finished packing up all my Christmas decorations. When I take them out each year I love looking at them and remembering who made them for me. The same thing happens when I put them away so it seems to take me ages. I haven't been very productive stitching the past few weeks but I did make some Christmas things for friends which I forgot to take pics of. One thing I did remember to take a pic of was a Christmas mini I made for Barb.

I made 3 hexie decorations and a pin cushion but cannot show them to you. I also crocheted another pot holder which seem to be rather popular. I was so pleased to have finished reading a book. This one is written by another Australian author. I seem to be finding a lot of Aussie authors lately.

I had another HUGE clean up in my sewing room. I had 11 containers of mags which I got rid of. I only kept my good ones, Simply Vintage and another couple of American titles. I went back to clean up more things off the floor and guess what I found? More mags! I think they must have been put there by elves. Now I need to find a place for all these mag containers plus 1. 
Our family had Christmas Day on Boxing Day this year as this was the only day we could all get together. As family grows each have other commitments to share Christmas with others so we alternate each year. Of course, this year was rather special being my munchkin's first Christmas, He is 10 months old. He had such fun and so did we. Here he is helping his mum open his present from us.
We gave him a wooden balance bike which can later be changed to 2 wheels. His daddy put it together for him.
Boy! He was off like a rocket once he was shown what to do. ( He's wearing a cute foxie beanie that one of his aunties gave him.)
Now, I have decided to complete blogging about my travels today as I want to finish up before the New Year. So, if you are bored and rolling your eyes at the mention of this it is time to blog hop.
On the 30th June, 2015 we visited Hampton Court Palace and then went to Madam Touseaud's waxworks museum. Here I am talking to Michael Jackson. (I have tried to put it vertical but the computer is not cooperating.)
The fab 4 were there too.
We experienced a 4D Super Hero Adventure which was rather fun. and then went on to visit Baker St so my daughter could take a pic of Sherlock's front door. We then had dinner at a pub and returned to our sauna hotel room where we packed our suitcases and carry on bags ready for departure the next evening. So, on 1st July, 2015 we experience 34 degrees C in London on our final day. After breakfast we paid 1Pound per piece for our luggage to be stored after checking out of the hotel. No real security for that either. We caught the train a couple of times to see Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
The original theatre was burned down and this one is a reproduction.
The stage. Plays are still done there and it has been a long tradition that if the audience puts anything on the stage ( e.g as they stand and lean up against the stage with a drink and put it down), it becomes the property of the actors. There used to be saw dust on the floor originally as it was so crowded that people could not get to the loo! Yep, you read that correctly. Ewew!  Too much information?
After that we headed for the Old Operating Theatre where we saw some rather gruesome looking surgical instruments and how the operating theatre actually looked. Terrifying for the patient!  You can see where all the students looked down onto the operating table. That's why it is called a theatre.
Having been a Childbirth Educator and birth helper I was very interested in the obstetric things on display. 
This is a  Ribes Bag made from coated fabric which was filled with water to induce labour with a hose attached! And I thought syntocinon drips were bad enough!
They used snail water and many herbs and potions.
We then had a quick lunch and headed back to the hotel foyer to put bandaids on our feet, cool down and fill in time before our shuttle arrived, (an hour late), to take us to Heathrow airport. We got there on time but had to rush to the boarding gate due to lack of gate info until the last minute. Our plane took off at 10.20PM  stopping over at Hong Kong airport for a few hours before heading back home to Tullamarine. Thus endeth our big adventure, one I shall probably never experience again but I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to travel with my youngest daughter.
Thankyou for coming on the journey with me and may the New Year ahead bring you much joy and good health.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea,love what you made for Barb,gorgeous gifts.
    Oh how cute is little Corben ,boy he is growing so fast,its so much fun at xmas time with the his hat so cute.
    OMG dont think i like the look of the Ribes Bag,lol
    Happy New Year my friend xx

  2. Great Christmas photos.
    I have followed your trip stories and remembered my own trips to England. The wax figures were so real looking that I expected they would start talking. I saw As You LIke it in the Globe Theater.

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. Beautiful stitchery you have made Ondrea, the pot holders are much appreciated!! Your Munchkin sure has grown, you would have enjoyed seeing him enjoy his first Christmas. Well done with your sorting! I have enjoyed your travels too, some of those medical instruments are very scary!!

  4. I need to have a "purge" of my sewing room. Lovely Christmas photos and thanks for sharing the last of your holiday. Scary looking instruments.

  5. Beautiful hanger for Barb. Your little Corben is so cute. I have enjoyed your travel diary Ondrea. Happy New year xx

  6. Oh how adorable is your Grandson, Ondrea! He will cover many miles on his new present.
    So good to have a thorough cleanout - don't ever discount the value of even a few boxes of things gone from your space - does wonders for the mind!

  7. 10 months! How did that happen so fast? He's a doll. So glad you had a Merry Christmas

  8. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !