Sunday, 21 October 2012


I haven't been able to stitch for a couple of days but I am hoping to get a few things done this week. I have completed the Santa's sleigh stitchery for the Wish Quilt and think I have mastered Bronwyn's technique of framing the stitcheries. Well, I hope I have because I need to frame Brutus. I can then start piecing some of the blocks togther.

I am really loving the red and whites. I know why Barb loves them so much now.

Yesterday I was invited to lunch at a friend's place and I made her a little pressie. It is one of the free designs from Cheryl Goss's "A Little Bit French ".  
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Today I am going to start tracing the stitcheries for Lynette Anderson's "In Full Bloom" quilt which I am planning to take to my patchwork group's retreat next month. So , it is off to the sewing room for me now, as messy as it is. I still haven't put those sheves up yet. You will be the first to see them when they are up.

What have I been reading the past few weeks?


Marie Bostwick's series consists of 4 books which are light and entertaining for those who love reading about quilters. I have read all 4. Joy Dettman is good Aussie author and "Thorn on the Rose" is the sequel to" Pearl in a Cage" As for Philippa Gregory, well I love her books, especially the historical novels. I still need to read "The River Queen" and I believe she now has new release which I shall eagerly await to be sold in paperback.

Happy stitching and happy reading.

Angel Blessings..

Sunday, 7 October 2012


My sewing room is an absolute disaster!  There was a time when it was clean and organised  but that was long ago. A bit of a mess never worried me with that room because I made the excuse of it being a creative space. I still knew where things were and could put my hand on anything I needed despite the mess.  Well, those days have gone to the point of being a work place hazard for my health, tripping over things on the floor, sliding on the cutting mat and generally snuffling and sneezing every time I ventured into the danger zone.

These photos were taken after I moved everything from the desk area and under the window. The reason? So I have room to put up my new shelving. I have cleaned and dusted the walls, floors etc ready for the storage shelves I' m planning to put up tomorrow. I finally made up my mind what shelves I wanted so we went shopping yesterday and the flat packs are still in the car. Why are they in the car still? Because I can't lift them ! So, the plan is to have the area ready to start bringing in the shelves piece by piece. Sounds a,little silly but it is the only solution if I want the shelves out of the car and in the room any time soon. The shelves are a 16 cube unit so hopefully I will be able store magazines, books, boxes of projects etc on them . That is the plan , anyway.  So bit by bit I will  sort through everything and put things on the shelves as I go. Besides patchwork things I also have heaps of scrapbooking things so it will be quite a challenge.

Meanwhile, I also managed to get more of the Wish Quilt done. 

I was so happy to see Brutus included in the quilt and had him stitched in a flash.

I have one reindeer left to applique, the one on the right. All the hearts are appliqued and the double heart one is ready to be appliqued. I have traced the 2 little stitcheries (up the top) , cut out fabric pieces for some of the blocks to stitch onto the stitcheries, and also framed the bear block ( upper left). This is a challenge to do as I have to slip stitch the stitchery to the frame then peel off the frame from behind. I am really not sure if this is going to work. I hope it does work so I can reuse the frame for another 2 stitcheries.

All this while also watching and listening to Bathurst!!!!  Doing the happy dance.

Angel Blessings. 

Thursday, 4 October 2012


As you know I have been working on Red Brolly's Christmas Wish quilt. I am so addicted to the stitcheries  that I am going cross eyed  after stitching for a couple of hours. Despite new glasses I am still having problems. Ce la vie! It will not prevent me from getting the quilt done , I just need to do other things instead of going flat out with the stitcheries. SO today I decided to attempt making the circular frame for the bear stitchery  which I have been putting off thinking that it may be a bit fiddly. Well, everything went smoothly except for the fact that I have no spray starch, never have, and looks like I will soon get some.  I also need some light fusble interfacing for some of the quilt which  I also do not possess. Guess where I am headed tomorrow?

I cut out some fabric pieces required and fused appliqued hearts and cute reindeeers onto them . I am getting quite excited now.

I decided this project needs it's own container . Just as well I had a spare one that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I shall also be shopping for more red and white fabrics.

Angel Blessings.