Saturday, 26 September 2015


I have been doing some spring cleaning today and have finally sat down to visit blog land. I saw Sue's blog today and was surprised to see that she is heading to Cornwall at the moment. It only seems like yesterday that I was there but I have been back home for almost 3 months now and still haven't shown any photos. Not having an iPhone to take pics and post on the internet slowed me down. I do it the old fashioned way, just taking photos on an actual camera , loading them onto the computer and attaching them from there. However, all my overseas photos were taken on a new camera with a new computer program that is different to the camera I use for my blog. So, all I can show you at the moment is more of my thimble collection. Here are the ones from London.

From L to R... King Henry V111, The Tudor Rose, Queen Victoria and Henry V111's crown.

                         The Crown Jewels ( made in England! Not China.), Tower of London, and Hampton Court Palace.


Westminster Abbey and Kensington Palace.
We found Kensington Palace accidently while taking a casual stroll in Hyde Park.  We had no idea it was situated right there! So, having a London Pass, we got in free and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Now, back to craft.
I am delighted to say that I have succeeded in crocheting the little baby blanket and have done the first border. Fingers crossed that I shall complete the other borders without much confusion or stress. 

Some secret sewing is coming along nicely.

The final stitchery of Jenny's BOM is completed and I have sewn on the sashings.
I am trying to use fabrics from my stash to finish this . I am contemplating using this fabric for the wider border I am planning to put around it but I am not 100% sure yet. What do you think? It actually has some colours in it that the stitcheries have.
I scored these 6 lovely Civil War repro fat 1/4s for $6.00 at a patchwork meeting. WOOHOOO!
 Oh dear! I have so many things on this post. I hope I haven't bored you to tears. I get so excited when I am on a roll. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.
Angel Blessings.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Having succeeded crocheting that ripple baby blanket after losing the original pattern, I decided to revisit an earlier crochet project that had gone a bit awry. After much frustration I had put it away in the "too hard basket" but I am pleased to say that I have happily been crocheting it again the past couple of days. So far so good. I am crossing my fingers, toes and anything else that is deemed crossable.

Those 2 little birdie Christmas decos I showed you in the previous post have been completed. I added some snow and the black border like the Christmas candle mat rather than following the instructions .

Now I am about to embark on the FHFS project which is due in October.
Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 12 September 2015


Do you ever get all enthusiastic about a new craft but wonder if you should try it because you already have enough things to do? Over the years I have knitted, crocheted, done counted crosstitch, tapestry, scrapbooking, cardmaking, patchwork and quilting and stitcheries. I also did a pastel drawing life class for a while. As a child I loved Derwent pencils but could only buy them individually from the local Milkbar as a set of Derwents was out of the question. My favourite colour was Emerald green and I went through a few of those. I longed for a full set of Derwents and finally my wish came true on my 50th birthday. My darling hubby bought me the entire set in a beautiful wooden box. That was many many years ago now and I have hardly used them. BUT the day has arrived because I have joined the current fad of colouring in. My excuse is that I can trace some of the designs and stitch them! Good idea? Yes?

Before I start colouring I need to finish a couple of things. The last block from Jenny's BOM is now complete. I just need to audition some fabrics to start piecing the blocks together.
I have found some time to read . I am usually an avid reader but had lost my interest for some strange reason. My reading mojo is now back.
I couldn't resist purchasing some more 1800s repro fabrics to add to my stash. I need a 4th drawer now.
Righto! I am off to wash those fabrics, audition some fabric for that BOM and casually walk past that colouring book trying not to pick it up.
Angel Blessings.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Yep, Spring has sprung and the first day was absolutely wonderful. Since then, however, it seems mother nature has decided to give us a further dose of winter. Never mind, all the better for stitching and keeping snug. I was getting quite frustrated having lost a pattern for making a crocheted ripple blanket and I think I aired my displeasure on a previous post.  Well, true to form, a couple of my lovely bloggy friends came to the rescue and I decided to follow a step by step visual lesson from  Attic 24. Wooohooo! I have nearly completed this baby blanket for a girl who is having a summer baby. I have made it a bit larger than usual so it will be useful in the cooler months. Just a couple more rows to finish and VOILA!

Despite spending most of my craft time crocheting I have managed to catch up with Val's BOM and I am now eagerly awaiting the next block due this month. I am not very happy with my stitching on this one but it is only for me so I shall not get too stressed about it. I think my eyes are failing me a bit due to lack of sleep.
Having played with a bit of felt I am now loving it and I am making a couple of Christmas decos. I  thank  Shez and Peg for getting me out of my comfort zone with the FHFS.
So, that's my show and tell for now. I am off to finish that blanket and tidy my sewing room.
Angel Blessings.