Friday, 19 May 2017


 I have been feeling rather inept when it comes to completing the many projects I have on the go so I am determined to at least keep on going with Little Lucy. I had a bit of a problem trying to consider  how I was going to piece this quilt so I ended up piecing it row by row like other quilts. I have nearly finished piecing this 1st row ( just a few little bits left).

I bought a Gail Pan table runner pattern a couple of weeks ago but couldn't find suitable fabric in my stash to make it. So what's a girl to do? Go to her local patchwork shop ofcourse! So yesterday I came home with some fabric .  
The shop also sells wool so I was able to buy some to start knitting something warm for my grandson. He is now 12 weeks old.
In years gone by I have always read several books a year. There were times I read over 60 but I seem to be reading less and less each year. I know this because for decades I have kept a special journal listing every book I read year by year. It is quite interesting to see how the genres have changed over time and I can see what my special interests were at the time. Well, hanging my head in shame, I declare that I have just finished the first book for the year. Isn't that pitiful? I love Philipa Gregory's books which are all based on historical fact with fiction woven in. The author is actually a historian.  I have read all her books in this series as well as many others over time.  Trouble is, I can't fit it on my bookshelf with the others. No room!
The weather is rather dismal here so I am quite happy to sit and sew, knit and crochet.
Angel Blessings.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


  Yesterday was Anthea's EPP Tuesday and I forgot to take some pics of my Little Lucy's progress. I have now sewn 6 parts , just another 3 to go and I can connect them all to each other.

I have also nearly completed sewing the borders around 3 of my little half inch hexi flowers.
I attempted some machine quilting on my table runner last weekend. I reckon I could have finished hand quilting it by the time I worked out how to attach the walking foot to the machine, had a needle jam, unpicked a wonky row and tied off all the ends LOL. I still need to finish quilting it. Maybe this upcoming weekend?    
Angel Blessings.

Monday, 1 May 2017


     Time has flown by so fast again but I have managed to complete 3 projects. I have listed the gift for Barb in this month's OPAM as I made it quite a while ago but couldn't include it with that month's OPAM due to secrecy. 

Now I am working on that table runner I had planned to make with the "welcome" stitchery and piecing the Lucy Boston blocks together.
My little munchkin came to visit yesterday and I took this funny photo. He will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. Where has the time gone?
Angel Blessings. 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Yey! I have just finished the last 2 filler blocks for my Little Lucy quilt. Yep! That's what I have decided to call it seeing as I have chosen to only make 12 Lucy Boston blocks . I like making smaller quilts as I then get a chance to try all sorts of patchwork and quilting methods a lot quicker than I would if I made bed size quilts all the time. Being mainly a hand piecer, you can imagine how long it takes to make the bigger quilts. So, here are the last 2 blocks.

Here is the way I have arranged all the blocks after much deliberation..
And the other sideways.
Now for the important part. I would really love your input regarding the block arrangements. I have tried not to put too many of the same colours together and distributed the pinks and reds as far apart as possible . Do you think this arrangement is okay? If you look at the lengthways pic I have numbered them left to right 1,2,3......2nd row 4,5,6.....3rd row 7,8,9 and 4th row 10,11,12.  I have also numbered the filler blocks the same way...1st row 1,2... 2nd row, 3,4 and 3rd row 5,6. Does that make sense?  So, if you think the blocks need to be rearranged I would love to know what you think. I am itching to piece this all together and work out how I am going to finish the edges . That is another big decision.
Thankyou all sooooooo much.
Angel Blessings.    

Friday, 21 April 2017


 Oh my! My big 0 birthday seems to still be going. Today I received a beautiful thoughtful gift from my buddy Shez. Anyone would think she knows my favourite colour!  Shez has made me the most beautiful wool felt needle keeper and has enclosed a lovely purple Threadworx floss that I am eager to use along with the sweetest card. THANKYOU  so much Shez.  

A close up of the needle keeper.
I decided I had best get back to my Lucy Boston EPP and made another filler block yesterday. Only 2 more of these to do and then I can start piecing it together.
I have almost finished the 2nd " Welcome" stitchery to make into a table runner. I would have finished the stitchery by now except I ran out of 2 threads .  These are from Jenny's free BOM. I love Jenny's designs and she is always so generous with freebies as well as having a lovely stitching club that features a set of designs each month to purchase. 
Sorry, haven't ironed them!
Thank you for visiting me again. It is always lovely to see you.
Angel Blessings.


Friday, 14 April 2017


Yey! I have finally finished the table mat I was working on for myself. I am so glad I completed all the stitcheries after finding some already done in my UFO drawer.

Earlier this year I made a framed stitchery as a birthday gift for Barb. I couldn't show it to you as it was a surprise and I don't think I included it in my OPAM so I shall add it to this month's.
It is Good Friday and I have put a few little Easter things out on display. I tend to buy a little something each year. This year I bought the cutest little bunny in a cup and saucer and a bunny snow globe ( or egg!).
May you all have a lovely Easter. If you are travelling anywhere please take care and stay safe.
Angel Blessings. 

Saturday, 8 April 2017


 On my mission to complete some UFOs I have come up against a couple of obstacles. With all my fabric stash why oh why can I not find a suitable choice for sashings? I either have the wrong shade of a colour or not enough in the colour I like. After much auditioning and musing with a stitching friend I have decided I need to go fabric shopping. Oh dear! How sad! LOL Looks like that particular UFO is temporarily on hold.  However, I did find a suitable fabric to back and bind my hexie table mat I am making from the Rosalie Q BOM stitcheries.

I have traced and selected threads  (as well as fabric that I did have in my stash...enough of it too!) to stitch this beautiful free design from Jenny. I am stitching the design twice to put at each end of a table runner. I am also planning thread and fabric colours to stitch Jenny's March stitchery club collection of designs which are beautiful. I shall probably have a pic of that soon. 
Last weekend was my big 0 birthday and I received a beautiful gift from dear Barb . The most gorgeous little stitchery and yummy choccie were wrapped in a lovely Leannette Anderson fabric. Thankyou so much Barb. I love my pressies.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the framed stitchery I made for Barb's birthday. Hopefully Barb will send me a copy if I am really nice to her. 
Thanks again for stopping by.
Angel Blessings