Tuesday, 28 April 2015


 Today was a rather special day after the courier left a lovely parcel in my letter box. It was from Christine. I love receiving things in the mail and I feel like it is my birthday all over again.  Our first FHFS theme was hexies. I posted my swap items to the recipient yesterday so I can't show you what I made for her. BUT, I can show you how spoiled I have been. You know how I love pincushions, can't have enough of them? Well, look what Christine made for me .


Yes indeedy didey doo, I am now the proud owner of this awesome pincushion and a matching project folder. Infact, the pincushion has a home on my coffee table next to the couch I sit and sew on. It is my new fav pincushion!  But wait, there's more.

When I opened the folder up I discovered some lovely treasures.  Scissors, quilting needles, pins, DMC threads and a beautiful repro fat 1/4 were hidden inside. So many pretty things. I love the chosen fabrics and colourways. Just perfect. Christine also included my fav chocolate! I have no idea how she knew that I love the Lindt dark Raspberry Intense. YUMMY!!
Thankyou so very much Christine.
The other day I saw a post somewhere that WIRES are in need of knitted pouches and liners for orphaned animals due to the flooding in NSW. So, off to Spotlight I went to buy some pure wool and I have started knitting.
They are to be knitted using 8 ply pure wool and the linings are to be washable pure cotton or flannelette. Synthetics are no good as the animals can't breathe in closed synthetic pouches.
If you want more info you can go to www.wires.org.au.
So, using 4mm needles (8 in old UK sizing) cast on approximately 30 stitches and knit in garter stitch (plain) . For small pouches the dimensions are 18cm wide and 20 cm long when finished after sewing together. The larger pouches are to be 24cm wide and 30 cm long, approximately 45 - 50 stitches. They need more linings than pouches for regular washing and changes.
 Post to WIRES Head Office
PO Box 260, Forestville, NSW, 2087
I am off to clickity clack now.
Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 25 April 2015


I feel like I haven't really been doing much stitching lately but realistically I have actually done a lot. Perhaps it is because I am slogging away at the same old thing hoping to reach the finishing line eventually. Yep, it's that darn Insanity quilt. I unpicked all those background hexies from the hexie flowers , traced and cut out the new fabric and have restitched all these...

Still heaps more to do.
Although I am finishing off a few projects I still need to start new ones. I have decided to do another project from Gail Pan's book "Patchwork Loves Embroidery". I love her book and have made a few things from it. I also love using some of her stitchery designs for other projects.  I have just finished tracing these stitcheries for a wall quilt.
As you can see in my side bar I am in the" Friends Having Fun Swap" this year. The first one is due 30th April. I finished mine way ahead of schedule but forgot how close to the date we are now. So, this parcel is on it's way to the recipient on Monday. I hope she gets it on time.
I am scratching my head trying to work out how to make a ruler cover for the next one . Any ideas girls?
It is another dreary day here today, wet and rather cool.  Hubby is at his annual Anzac Day events with some mates so I am going to sit down and stitch watching these oldies but goodies.

Saturday, 18 April 2015


I am proud to say that I have finally completed the purple border on my Insanity quilt. I can't believe it has taken me so long and now I face the challenge of the larger hexie flowers borders . I am also proud to say that I have successfully unpicked all those pesky background hexies that I stitched around the hexie flowers and managed to restitch 4 so far. Here is a pic of the Insanity quilt now .It covers our QS bed!


I have 3 little hand pieced  Civil War quilt tops finished but have left them sitting amongst my many other unfinished projects. So, I decided I had best get onto them. I have been hand quilting this one and should finish it this coming week. Well, that's the plan.

Another fat 1/4 birthday swap parcel arrived with a couple of extra little bits. I am just waiting on 1 more now.
The weather came over quite gusty and stormy a few minutes ago. The cockatoos were squawking and flying past to gather in the dead tree on the nature strip next door. 
I have a collection of stitchery patterns that I have not yet done so I have decided to trace these.......
to take here.
Let the countdown begin.
Angel Blessings to you all..

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Oh my! It is such a dreary wet and cold day today.  It feels like winter has arrived early and I certainly hope it vanishes soon. It doesn't help when the ducted heating fails to work properly! Fortunately, I had a bit of sunshine arrive early this afternoon in the form of a surprise parcel. I was so thrilled to see that it was from a lovely lady, Trish, who was one of my craft forum friends for a few years before the site closed. Once again, a lot of thought went into this pressie.

Isn't it lovely! It has 2 pockets inside which are really handy. Most of you know I get all confuzzled making bags when it comes to the lining. So, I am really grateful when someone makes a bag for me. Back in my 20's ,before children, I used to collect Swarovski crystal animals. I haven't bought one for decades and was so delighted when my parents gave me this cute little owl. The photo doesn't do it justice, but trust me, he is sparkly cute.

Speaking of gifts, I can now show you what I made for Barb's birthday which was on the day before mine. They are a bit blurry but you will get the idea. Wish I knew how this blurriness keeps happening. I must be doing something wrong.. The first one is Michelle Ridgeways's free design. The second one from Red Brolly.
So, what have I been stitching lately? Jenny's 4th block .
And reverse sewing all of these !!!!! Why? Because I have run out of the fabric used as the background and surrounding all these rosettes. 
The good news is that a girlfriend came to my rescue after digging deep into her fabric stash. She has given me a couple of meters of the perfect fabric substitute which is very close to the hue , a bigger print, but quite perfect really. So, I have been basting more hexies to resew around all the rosettes ready for the BIG border.
May sunshine fill your days.
Angel Blessings.


Friday, 3 April 2015


 I would like to wish all my bloggy friends a very happy and safe Easter.  I was happy putting out my little Easter decorations . Last year I was in the 12" Mini Swap and Simone sent me this lovely cheery Easter mini that I have displayed with a cute little rabbit and chook.

A couple of years ago I made a bunny teatowel which was a free pattern and some fabric eggs. The eggs are amongst some other egg decos. The bunny and eggs were originally symbolic to the pagans as a sign of birth and renewal. .

As sometimes happens, my birthday was yesterday, the day before Good Friday. This year I joined the birthday fat 1/4 swap and I am soooo pleased I did! I was so excited opening all the parcels that had arrived for me .  I have never had so many pressies on my birthday before , apart from my 21st which was a few decades ago .  Check out all these yummy scrummy fat 1/4s.
I was really blessed to receive heaps of extras with the fat 1/4s. Buttons, threads, choccie, tea bags and more.

Beautiful Peg sent me an extra special pressie. Even hubby loved this gorgeous table topper.
Each year Barb and I exchange birthday gifts as hers is the day before mine.  For years I have admired the beautiful crochet she does and I was overjoyed to discover these lovely doilys.
 A lovely surprise gift arrived from Shez. which I love. 
I would like to thank each and every one of my bloggers for your kindness, generosity, sincerity and friendship. Through you I have linked up with swaps and my blogging list is forever expanding. I can see by the wonderful gifts I have received that you all put the time and effort into truly knowing who I am. I also feel I need to thank and  acknowledge an incredible lady known as " swap mama", Cheryll .
Thankyou for wading through all these photos. 
Angel Blessings.