Sunday, 31 July 2016



                      Time has flown by again and I have completed some projects this month.

                                                                         2 minis.

10 crocheted dishcloths (or doilies).
Now back to stitching more for August.
Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 30 July 2016


You may recall that I mentioned tidying up my sewing room. Well, I am completely overwhelmed at the moment and keep putting it off apart from just putting the odd thing away as I use it rather than adding to the mess. OMG! Where oh where are those elves????


Even my shelves need elves!
I have done a little bit of stitching though.
 One of Rosalie Quinlan's "Best Friends Forever" blocks in my own colour choices from my Cosmo threads.

Another mini is almost complete. Just needs some binding but I am auditioning fabrics for that at the moment.
I am still crocheting my blanket but it is ginormous and I can't be bothered getting it out of its bag for a pic. It does keep me warm while I crochet it though.
Hope you are all keeping snug .
Angel Blessings.


Sunday, 24 July 2016


 I have not been able to do a lot of stitching lately but have managed to catch up with a couple of projects the last couple of days. I have the binding ready to stitch down on my "August" mini.

September is ready to hand quilt.

I have just completed hand quilting this Gail Pan wall hanging but have no idea what fabric I am going to use for the binding yet.
I need a break from hand quilting after this so the gouges in my fingers can heal. ( I always seem to put the eye of the needle through the middle finger of my right hand and have a permanent rough callus on my left hand index finger). Quilting IS dangerous!
May the week ahead find you all happily stitching.
Angel Blessings.

Friday, 8 July 2016


 Oh dear! I would never have thought that I would enjoy making dishcloths. I think I have now mastered the pretty circular pattern and I just kept making them. I ran out of the white cotton yarn, went back to buy more and came home with a ball of orange as well.

When I found the right headspace I got around to fussy cutting another Lucy Boston block and piecing it. Another filler block is also done. Only 2 more major blocks to go now.
I was so happy when I popped into the Newsagency last weekend. Look what I found! I really miss this magazine since my subscription ran out and it is really hard to find.
This weekend I have big plans to clean out my sewing room, sort out things I no longer need or want, get into the cupboards and drawers and wipe the desk and table clean to start afresh. I am exhausted just thinking about it now. Wish me luck.
Angel Blessings.

Friday, 1 July 2016


 It's that time again when we are honour bound to disclose how many projects we have managed to finish for the month. So, OPAM here I come!

Hmmm, last month I was a little embarrassed to declare that I had not completed one single thing. Nothing, nadda, zippo, nil, nought! Thank heavens I can now redeem myself having completed 4 things during the month of June. So, here goes........

                                                              I crocheted shawl.

2 little minis.

 1 crocheted dishcloth ( well, an attempt at one).
Want to see the new improved version? When in doubt, U Tube it! The pattern is from "" Now I am "hooked" and started another one. I think this weekend will be a dishcloth weekend without the dishes.
I have been doing more of Lucy.
Remember Harry Potter? Did you know that the author, J.K Rowling has been writing adult fiction? As soon as I saw this book I had to buy it and it is quite a good light read . She has that special way of bringing characters to life from the inside out. I still have quite a few books on my shelf waiting to be read but this one was read ahead of the queue.
I hope you have all managed to complete some lovely projects. I look forward to looking at your OPAMs.
Angel Blessings.