Friday, 1 July 2016


 It's that time again when we are honour bound to disclose how many projects we have managed to finish for the month. So, OPAM here I come!

Hmmm, last month I was a little embarrassed to declare that I had not completed one single thing. Nothing, nadda, zippo, nil, nought! Thank heavens I can now redeem myself having completed 4 things during the month of June. So, here goes........

                                                              I crocheted shawl.

2 little minis.

 1 crocheted dishcloth ( well, an attempt at one).
Want to see the new improved version? When in doubt, U Tube it! The pattern is from "" Now I am "hooked" and started another one. I think this weekend will be a dishcloth weekend without the dishes.
I have been doing more of Lucy.
Remember Harry Potter? Did you know that the author, J.K Rowling has been writing adult fiction? As soon as I saw this book I had to buy it and it is quite a good light read . She has that special way of bringing characters to life from the inside out. I still have quite a few books on my shelf waiting to be read but this one was read ahead of the queue.
I hope you have all managed to complete some lovely projects. I look forward to looking at your OPAMs.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Good to see some Lucy process.. ...

  2. Good morning Ondrea,wow you have lots of beautiful finishes there my friend,well done,they are all beautiful.
    I love your LB blocks,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  3. Well certainly aced it for June. Lovely finishes and very pretty new crocheting xx

  4. You certainly redeemed yourself with all those lovely finishes.

  5. Some wonderful finishes for you for the month.

  6. Lovely Lucy Boston blocks , Ondrea... well done on those finishes, blitzing after the last month of nothing to report!

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    1. Thanks Linda. You are a no reply blogger so I cannot email you. Thankyou for visiting my blog.

  8. Thanks for linking with Stitch-In Days. Your stitcheries look great. You've been really busy!