Monday, 28 April 2014


They say that the simple things in life are best and I tend to agree even though I love buying fabrics and bits and pieces for my hobby .  Today, for instance, I met  2 lovely earth angels while shopping. These 2 girls, yes "girls" reconfirmed my faith in humanity and I caught a glimpse of some good old fashioned thinking which I thought was fast disappearing especially with the younger generation. 

Anyhoo, enough soulful contemplation for now. We recently had an abundance from our vegie patch. Well, actually, these pumpkins sprouted from the compost and one was growing up our miniature apple tree!

Recently my beautiful bloggy friend, Shez,  sent me one of her famous hand towels. It matches my kitchen perfectly. Such a thoughtful and cherished gift! Thankyou Shez.
Today I found a lovely little bottle with a butterfly on it for my bathroom. I also found a "KISII STONE" , Also known as Soap Stone. It is mined just outside a town in Kenya  and the tribes hand carve them  before sanding and polishing them. The sale of these stones bring employment to the area . So, I just had to buy one.
I hope your day brings you an abundance of all good things.  Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Oh dear! So much angst with computers. My tablet won't recharge and our main computer was in for an overhaul . Now we have a new program and I am tearing my hair out trying to navigate it. Anyhoo, I am now taking some deep breaths so I can show you some of the things I have been up to.

First, I must show you the beautiful cheery Easter mini that Simone made for me.

I really enjoyed this swap, so much that I have already finished part of the next minis swap due in June. I showed you what was in my hoop a couple of posts ago and now it is all finished.

I have almost finished the stitching and applique on these four little blocks for a cushion. ( Another Lynette Anderson kit).

While in a stitching frenzy I started one of 4 pincushions.

My 4th crocheted baby blanket  for the Womens Refuge is growing.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some beautiful pure wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills . Such a bargain at $8-00 for 200g balls!!!! Free postage too. I am doing the happy dance. It arrived on Thursday so I started knitting a cardigan Friday. A really quick and easy pattern in garter stitch with moss stitch bands.

As Bugs Bunny always says " That's All Folks".
Thankyou for stopping by . I have some more photos of projects to show you next time including cupcakes which are a BOM created by one of the many talented ladies at my patchwork group , inspiring us to use our own imagination and creativity.
Angel Blessings to you all. I know a few of you need some extra angel hugs at the moment so I send many gentle angel hugs to each of you. 

Monday, 14 April 2014


Our main computer is in for an overhaul and I can't seem to upload photos on my tablet to this blog grrrrrr.  I wanted to show you my lovely Easter mini from Simone, a lovely hand towel that Shez sent to me as a surprise and a couple of things I have been stitching. The Lynette Anderson stitchery is completed and awaiting its borders to be sewn on. I have started crocheting another baby blanket for the Womens'Refuge,  I have started the June mini swap , and am about to embark on 2 BOMS from my 2 patchwork groups. I can never describe myself as bored LOL.

So, until I can work out how to upload some photos successfully onto here, I send you all Angel Blessings.

Any ideas girls?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Remember the crazy patch block I made as a contribution to a surprise quilt for the 60th birthday of one of my patchwork group's members? Well, Barb, another wonderfully talented member managed to put the whole quilt together within a couple of weeks and even sewed black buttons of various shapes and sizes all around the border.

I have nearly completed stitching  a little wallhanging of Lynette Anderson's called "Blossom tree". It came as a little kit so I don't need to use up much brain space selecting fabrics for the border when the stitchery is finished.

My hand quilting on the little Civil War quilt is well on the way.

Here is a pic of part of Barb's present I made for her birthday.

I think my cat knows how to relax.

Thanks for visiting.Angel Blessings.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Last week a lovely parcel from Barb arrived and I put it away until my birthday yesterday. As usual I was delighted to open my beautiful pressie.

What a surprise I got when I opened it up! A cottage garden thread, 2 Cosmo threads a little tape measure, 2 fat 1/4s and 2 lots of ribbon all in my fav colour purple. Barb has spoiled me again.

It was Barb's birthday the day before mine and I made something special for her but I will show it to you next time. I love my new antique jug that my parents gave me. I seem to have a thing about jugs these days and love using them as vases.

About a half hour ago I completed hand piecing the top of another little Civil War quilt which I hope to sandwich and baste later today ready to hand quilt.

Thanks for stopping by again. I really value your input. Angel Blessings.