Monday, 28 April 2014


They say that the simple things in life are best and I tend to agree even though I love buying fabrics and bits and pieces for my hobby .  Today, for instance, I met  2 lovely earth angels while shopping. These 2 girls, yes "girls" reconfirmed my faith in humanity and I caught a glimpse of some good old fashioned thinking which I thought was fast disappearing especially with the younger generation. 

Anyhoo, enough soulful contemplation for now. We recently had an abundance from our vegie patch. Well, actually, these pumpkins sprouted from the compost and one was growing up our miniature apple tree!

Recently my beautiful bloggy friend, Shez,  sent me one of her famous hand towels. It matches my kitchen perfectly. Such a thoughtful and cherished gift! Thankyou Shez.
Today I found a lovely little bottle with a butterfly on it for my bathroom. I also found a "KISII STONE" , Also known as Soap Stone. It is mined just outside a town in Kenya  and the tribes hand carve them  before sanding and polishing them. The sale of these stones bring employment to the area . So, I just had to buy one.
I hope your day brings you an abundance of all good things.  Angel Blessings.


  1. What a lovely post Ondrea and we just picked our pumpkins too as now we have the frosts.Love your new soap dish and it's a nice feeling to know you have helped someone,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  2. A lovely read today, Ondrea. Plenty of pumpkin soup for you.:)

  3. Ondrea, what a lovely post to read! The pumpkins look great, I hope they taste good too!