Sunday, 30 November 2014


Yesterday I attended Barb Smith's,( Theodora Cleave buttons ), " Day Of Play " in Baxter which was hosted by the lovely Karen from Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop. I was so excited knowing that I was going to catch up with my bloggy friends Shez and Melody who I had not seen for a year and I wanted to make them both a little something. I think I showed the works in progress as secret sewing so here are the finished pressies.

This one was for Mel as I , for some reason, thought it called her name when I found the design in an English magazine. I tweaked the design a little as it originally had a worm in the bird's mouth and said The Early Bird Catches The Worm. I got rid of all that and stitched stars freehand so it wouldn't be too bare.

This one was for Shez from Gail Pan's book "Patchwork Loves Embroidery" but I framed it instead of making it into something. 
I couldn't believe how much trouble I had trying to find 8 " wooden embroidery hoops. Apparently, I have been told, Birch are no longer making them. Is this true? Does anyone know for sure? I am now hunting around Op Shops incase I cannot buy them anymore as I really love framing stitcheries in them.  Anyhoo, mission accomplished, the girls have received them and now I am on to finishing  some Christmas pressies.
So, the Day of Play was tremendous fun. I took some pics of the beautiful displays. 
Shez, Mel and Cheryl oooing and ahhhing over all the buttons.
Shez and I
I will put some pics up of the things I made at the workshop next time. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend . Thanks for visiting. Angel Blessings.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Who woulda thunk it? Yes, I have actually managed to complete 3 projects within the last few days. Yey me! The first one is the Gail Pan stitchery I started at her workshop back in August but I ran out of thread and had to wait for it to be reordered. Then I finished it but couldn 't find the right buttons to stitch on it. So, finally,here it is in all its glory. Hand quilted ofcourse.

Then I found this cute stitchery sitting on my sewing table amongst all the mess. I think I completed it at least a year ago but was too lazy to frame it. I found the frame at an Op Shop a few years ago ( I tend to collect them incase I need to frame things), but had put them both aside in the too hard section of the messy table. So, yesterday was THE day. I cut the lid of a shoe box to mount it on as I couldn't find any cardboard  in my stash thick enough. The result is this. I just love the painted wooden sewing machine button.

Remember Gail Pan's free pattern fussy cutting one of her fabrics? Finished! Unfortunately, I didn't purchase enough of her fabric range and had to use some of Lynette Anderson's but I think they go together quite nicely. I machine pieced it (I know, I know, don't fall off your perch), and was rather delighted to see it come together so quickly.  BUT, in all my excitement, I decided I would attempt to machine quilt it. (2nd time you have fallen off your chair?) So, I quilted in the ditch very very  s l o w l y and carefully and was rather pleased with it. So, a bit more adventurous now, why not do some free motion on the borders? Ummmmm, well, one can see why I should not have gone there. After struggling to attach the darning foot, lower the feed dogs, set to 0 etc, I began to wonder why anyone in their right mind would machine quilt when all I usually do is thread a needle! The stitches are irregular sizes and I unpicked stitches countless times before putting it all aside and starting again the following day. I persevered despite the perspiration , cussing and throbbing headache and this is the completed quilt. It is only for me and I do so love Gail's sweet fabrics.
Now I can get on with more finishes this coming week. Oh yeah, I have cut out the pieces for another little Civil War quilt but haven't started stitching it yet as I need to complete the other 2. Not far off  now. Thanks for visiting again. Angel Blessings to you all. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


It is true. Angels do descend upon us. I was so thrilled to discover a parcel in my letter box yesterday. It was a gift I won from Cheryll's 400th blog post. Cheryll lovingly made this beautiful angel wall hanging for me in the colours of my choice. Isn't she adorable?

I was looking forward to receiving my wall hanging but got a complete surprise to find 2 more beautifully wrapped parcels included.
Lo and behold another angel appeared!
...... and then some cherubs on beautiful notepaper, with 2 packets of star buttons. I neglected to take a pic of these unfortunately. Next time.
Drum roll please...... A finish!!!!
Thankyou so very much Cheryll for your beautiful  thoughtful pressies. Cheryll is an amazing lady who brings many bloggers together around the world organising heaps of awesome swaps and she also finds time to sew for charity. Please go and have a look at Cheryll's blog for some incredible inspriration and enjoyment.
Angel Blessings.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Last weekend one of my patchwork groups had their quilt show. I was there all day Saturday being a quilt angel , greeting people at reception and selling raffle tickets . Despite the cold, wet and windy weather we had quite a few people attend . Unfortunately, I wasn't there on Sunday and I missed Melody! If you pop over to her blog you can see heaps of quilts she took pics of. Just click on her name for the link. I only have a few pics. The first pic is a beautiful hexie quilt which is a variation of the Insanity quilt that I am doing.  I love the way the borders have followed the zig zag of the hexies. and the stitcher has also appliqued all the little hexies along the edges on the back. I can't remember the lady's name but shall put it up on my next post. Apologies. Yes, that's me in the oversized apron and wrinkly white gloves. Apparel wasn't provided for my height deficiency. Hehehe.

This next one is Rae's hand pieced quilt which she stitched and finished waaaay before me! She saw the copy of the pattern I had, decided she liked it and did it. I completed all the rows of hexies  a couple of years ago and have made 2 central borders of the stars but that is as far as mine got.
This next one is Brenda's fan quilt that I would dearly love to  make. Hubby took all these pics for me so I apologise that they are not close ups.
Since then I have done another little stitchery for a pressie.
 There is also one in my hoop.
I know, I know, I need to finish things before starting more.  My excuse is that these are for pressies, secret stitching.  In my sewing room I have the binding ready to stitch down on the Christmas wallhanging and the Gail Pan one too. So, hopefully I shall get those completed tonight.
I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine today. I picked some flowers.
Angel Blessings to you all.

Monday, 3 November 2014


Oops! I did it again! Another stitchery to go into the finishing drawer.

And a little fussy cut quilt top using a free Gail Pan design from her blog with her gorgeous fabrics.

This past weekend one of my patchwork groups ( Westernport Quilters). had their quilt show in Tyabb. I have a couple of pics to share from my hubby's phone but he hasn't uploaded them yet so I shall put them on my next post.  We had a few stalls there selling their wares and I bought some little birdhouse buttons for a stitchery quilt I have been intending to complete for a few years now.
I was doing the happy dance when my Primitive Quilts mag arrived in the mail last week and I also have  Daphne's Diary to drool over with a cuppa.
 So now I must get back into that sewing room and finish off a few things . Hmmmm need to trace more stitcheries too.  I hope you get a chance  to relax as much as Clay does.
Angel Blessing to you all.