Sunday, 30 March 2014


Just before this computer goes in for a service,I have a few little things to show you. I completed the Easter mini swap on time and posted it before the due date.

My 3rd crocheted baby blankie for the women's refuge is completed.


Yesterday I went to a Vic Quilters gathering in Kilmore with one of my patchwork groups. Despite the
7-00am start we had a fantastic time returning home around 7-30pm. We stopped at a lovely cafe in Kilmore for a cuppa and the bus driver ( one of the girls from our group) had a big brekkie. We got to the hall and checked in receiving a cute little fridge magnet ( which I haven't taken a pic of yet) and we settled in for a lovely day of stitching, chatting, guest speakers etc. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera so I haven't any pics of the gorgeous quilts that were on display, most of them being my much loved hexies. There were a couple of versions of the Insanity quilt I am doing. Anyhoo, as usual, there were stalls of local shops there and I purchased a couple of things. ( this is the "need" part). Some fat 1/4s of Civil War repros a cute little sewing tin and a lovely pair of embroidery scissors in a leather cover.

I have nearly finished the top of one of my little Civil War quilts , have crocheted  a couple more facewashers for charity , have  already worked out what I am doing for the mini swap due in July and am about to start an new Lynette Anderson little wallhanging. Hopefully next time I will have pics of the completed  "Sew Laugh Love" stitchery  the top of my little Civil War quilt and maybe a couple of other things.( Including the scissors I bought and didn't put in the pic above. Were you searching for them? Hehehehehe.

Until next time, I send you many angel blessings and hope that you can keep as relaxed as my cat.

Friday, 21 March 2014


It has been a while since my last post but I have been busy doing this and that.

......Looking for furniture. Isn't this an awesome chair!!!!!! I fell in love with it but practicality prevailed. I don't think the fabric would have held up to regular usuage and the cat. So, I bought this instead.
I won a door prize.

Started the 12" mini Easter swap .

Read some books.
And painted my toenails.

Shame about the feet! Hehehehe! I have been crocheting and handpiecing more of the Civil War quilt I showed you last time. Sew Laugh Love now just needs the applique done and borders. Until next time, many angel blessings to you all.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


As promised, I now have some pics of my Henrietta Whiskers quilt. I am so pleased that I have finally finished this awesome project although I still need to sew a label onto the back.

I machine pieced this quilt but hand appliqued it and had one of the girls from my quilting group quilt it for me. She has done a fantastic job. Here are some close ups of a couple of blocks.

Now that I have completed 2 quilts I can get on with the 2 little handpieced Civil War quilts I am currently stitching. Here is the first row of one of them and 4 more blocks I am working on.

I was recently asked to contribute a crazy patch block for a surprise 60th birthday quilt. The only specifications were that it needed to be 10 and a half inches square , have a bit of black in it and my name was to be embroidered on somewhere. So, with creative juices flowing and having only done crazy patch once many many years ago, I decided to Utube some tutorials and discovered a wonderful method that didn't require a foundation to stitch onto. As I have never used any of the embroidery stitches on my sewing machine, ( not that there are many), I decided to be adventurous. So with scraps of my favourite colour fabrics  I proceeded to just play and this is the result.

Ofcourse, I hand stitched my name and hope it isn't too big.  Oh what fun I had!!!  I hope you are having s
some fun with your creativity this weekend. Angel Blessings.