Sunday, 31 January 2016



Okay. So, I am new at this OPAM thing. Someone twisted my arm to join and as I have restrained myself from joining any swaps this year I have promised to give this a go. I am rather proud to have completed 2 projects this month AND I made them both using my stash without having to buy any fabric at all.  Both the stitcheries were from Jenny's stitchery club and I decided to create a table runner with the stitchery on the side so it wasn't covered up by anything put on top of the runner. I thought the other one would look good as a mini wall hanging for the month of February. Needless to say, the table runner is already defunct ! LOL.

Nothing to do with OPAM ,(as blocks don't count), but I finished another hand pieced block for my latest little Civil War quilt.
Whew! That's January done and dusted and now I need to make sure I finish things in February. The pressure is on!
Angel Blessings.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Each morning I have been awoken by strange sounds outside my bedroom window and on the roof. The first morning this happened I was quite mystified as I would hear rustling, tinkering around my potted plants and the plop plop of things dropping to the ground. So, what did I do?  Peek out the blinds and then creep outside. We have a huge nectarine tree in the back yard and guess what was in it? COCKATOOS!!! Heaps of them!

They were eating all our nectarines, not only on the tree but on top of the back sheds, on the carport and on my neighbours roof as well as my own. The plop plopping was the nectarines dropping onto the path.  
Boy, are they a noisy flock! AND they come back each evening for supper!!!!
Regie , my raven, is much more quiet.
I think they may have all flown in with my mojo as I have been happily stitching. I finished Jenny's   February stitchery which has been pieced into a little wall hanging and I am currently putting the binding on it. I have done the same with the April stitchery and I have just completed the March one.
I have now machine ( yes, machine) quilted  the January table runner but I am having difficulty choosing the binding fabric. Does this purple work or is it too dark? I am trying to use my stash and can't seem to find anything suitable.
I also decided to get back to my hand piecing project that I started quite a while ago, another little Civil War quilt. I finished another block and have started another.
Oh yeah... I got talked into joining this.
If you want some information just pop over to Peg's.
Angel blessings.

Friday, 22 January 2016


I just can't help it. I am hooked on Jenny's beautiful designs. I recently purchased her Stitchery Club patterns which are sweet floral patterns for each month of the year. My mind kept whizzing around in all directions  as to what I could create with such gorgeous stitcheries. As I got a head start on January's  stitchery I thought I would be so smart and make a table runner to adorn my dining table the month of January. Hmmmmm, this month has almost gone now BUT I have made the top using some charm squares and some fabric I also had in my stash. I didn't follow any pattern as I wanted the stitchery to be on the side so you can see it without being covered by a vase or a pot plant.

Meanwhile I wanted to keep my fingers busy stitching some more so I completed February and April and matched the threads to some charm squares I had. It is such fun only using fabrics which are in my stash without having to buy that little bit extra.
I am now preparing March to stitch today . Yesterday I spent time putting all Jenny's patterns into my "JENNY'S DESIGNS" binder as I have so many. Now I am thinking of making a cover for it.
I know I am supposed to be finishing projects off but using some of my stash counts doesn't it?? ?????
Angel Blessings.

Friday, 8 January 2016


If anyone knows the whereabouts of my mojo can you please send it back to me promptly. Last seen around Christmas but not sighted since, there are now many things awaiting its immediate attention. Like this....

                                              Not enough fabric left for the binding.

And this...  I selected fabrics ( more not shown) but can't wrap my head around piecing this into a table runner.
I give up! Off to pour a Gin and Tonic.
Oh mojo, where art thou?
Angel Blessings.


Saturday, 2 January 2016


  After a few days of not stitching due to the heat and no air con I was so happy to be stitching today . I have started one of Jenny's designs which I plan to make into a table runner. I still had some champers left so decided to quietly sip and stitch while watching Netflix. Does Moet and stitching mix? You be the judge. Hehehe.

Angel Blessings.

Friday, 1 January 2016


 Now that Christmas is over I can show you the Christmas Day gifts I made for the FHFS. I was delighted when I found out that Barb was the one I needed to buy and make Advent gifts for. Knowing that she loves snowmen I decided to make a wall hanging for her using some stitchery patterns I have been itching to use. I used Cottage Garden thread called Mistleto.

Around that time I had discovered the joy of using wool felt and wanted to make something else for Barb with the snowman theme. So, off to google land I went, found a basic snowman pattern then improvised adding snowflakes and changing the snow. I also made it a circle rather than a square. I found another use for my kitchen plates.
I also made hexie coasters for her. ( A few other bloggy friends also received some).
I really enjoyed being part of the Friends Having Fun Swap in 2015 but this year I am being really strong and not joining any swaps so I can finish the many projects that are strewn around my sewing room, in drawers and cupboards. Having said that, I have just started 2 new projects! There is no helping some people.
Angel Blessings.