Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Each morning I have been awoken by strange sounds outside my bedroom window and on the roof. The first morning this happened I was quite mystified as I would hear rustling, tinkering around my potted plants and the plop plop of things dropping to the ground. So, what did I do?  Peek out the blinds and then creep outside. We have a huge nectarine tree in the back yard and guess what was in it? COCKATOOS!!! Heaps of them!

They were eating all our nectarines, not only on the tree but on top of the back sheds, on the carport and on my neighbours roof as well as my own. The plop plopping was the nectarines dropping onto the path.  
Boy, are they a noisy flock! AND they come back each evening for supper!!!!
Regie , my raven, is much more quiet.
I think they may have all flown in with my mojo as I have been happily stitching. I finished Jenny's   February stitchery which has been pieced into a little wall hanging and I am currently putting the binding on it. I have done the same with the April stitchery and I have just completed the March one.
I have now machine ( yes, machine) quilted  the January table runner but I am having difficulty choosing the binding fabric. Does this purple work or is it too dark? I am trying to use my stash and can't seem to find anything suitable.
I also decided to get back to my hand piecing project that I started quite a while ago, another little Civil War quilt. I finished another block and have started another.
Oh yeah... I got talked into joining this.
If you want some information just pop over to Peg's.
Angel blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea,oh those pesky birds,they sure can do some damage to the fruit.,love your work my clever friend,well done xx

  2. Oh boy!! Those cockatoos can be a pest!!! They will probably eat the fruit from the top to the bottom of the tree!! Your stitchery is lovely, I like the purple, but then I love purple so maybe I am not the best judge!! LOL!! Your Civil War quilt blocks are lovely. Mojo is BACK!!!! Yay!!

  3. Hope those birds leave some fruit for you, love the runner maybe a light purple with a small print might work for your binding. Glad to see your mojo has returned :) Barb,

  4. How wonderful to see cockatoos from your window! I like the purple for the runner binding. Have a lovely evening! Christine x

  5. I can sympathize with you. We have their cousins who live in our large gum tree out the front as well as neighbouring trees and are they very noisy and messy. I am continually raking up large branches that they just chew through and then drop to the ground.

    I love the purple binding it frames the runner beautifully. Happy stitching.

  6. Hope you managed some fruit for you and they didn't eat them all!
    Pretty stitchery and for me that purple goes beautifully, will frame it perfectly.

  7. I love the visiting cockatoos - but their screeches always give me a fright. lovely stitching over at your place and I love those civil war blocks