Monday, 14 April 2014


Our main computer is in for an overhaul and I can't seem to upload photos on my tablet to this blog grrrrrr.  I wanted to show you my lovely Easter mini from Simone, a lovely hand towel that Shez sent to me as a surprise and a couple of things I have been stitching. The Lynette Anderson stitchery is completed and awaiting its borders to be sewn on. I have started crocheting another baby blanket for the Womens'Refuge,  I have started the June mini swap , and am about to embark on 2 BOMS from my 2 patchwork groups. I can never describe myself as bored LOL.

So, until I can work out how to upload some photos successfully onto here, I send you all Angel Blessings.

Any ideas girls?


  1. sorry Ondrea i am not much help with computers,good luck though.xx

  2. This must be very frustrating. Big hugs to you, just because

  3. Ondrea, I don't know if I have any ideas that would be useful for you about your pic posting... sorry:(
    However it sounds like you are so busy that there is hardly time for you to be taking & posting pics anyway, that's quite a list of things going on at your needle!! x