Saturday, 25 June 2016


 I am so happy now that I have finished some projects.  Remember the shawl I started to crochet? Well, it is finished! It took 3 x100g balls of variegated pure wool to make and it came out in stripes. I crocheted the edge in black.

The day I purchased the wool I also bought some balls of cotton yarn.
I had planned to try crocheting some pretty dishcloths from a free pattern but my first attempt looks a bit sad. Maybe I need to crochet these with a smaller hook.
I did eventually finish binding June and July's little minis.

August is awaiting some hand quilting, September  and October stitcheries are yet to be pieced.  I popped into my favourite little quilt shop on Tuesday ,( sadly, one closed a few months ago and another is closing next month), and couldn't resist these rolls of 1800 repros. Hmm, to wash or not to wash? That is the patchwork question.
These cold, wet and windy days are ideal for stitching and crochet , not to forget a bit of knitting that I have started too. May you all keep snug and warm enjoying stitching the days away.
Angel Blessings.


  1. You have done a great job on the shawl, it looks amazing! The dish cloth looks good to me. Nice purchases you have made there! It is sad when the local shops close isn't it!

  2. Beautiful shawl.....definitely nice to cosy up and do some handwork...nice loot x

  3. the shawl is so beautiful!

  4. Your shawl looks amazing Ondrea
    Love how the colours have worked out.
    Gorgeous minis too they are going to brighten up a hanger perfectly.
    Good luck with your dish cloths hope you sort out your tension

  5. The shawl looks great Ondrea, love it!

  6. beautiful work Ondrea,you have been busy nmy friend ...