Saturday, 30 July 2016


You may recall that I mentioned tidying up my sewing room. Well, I am completely overwhelmed at the moment and keep putting it off apart from just putting the odd thing away as I use it rather than adding to the mess. OMG! Where oh where are those elves????


Even my shelves need elves!
I have done a little bit of stitching though.
 One of Rosalie Quinlan's "Best Friends Forever" blocks in my own colour choices from my Cosmo threads.

Another mini is almost complete. Just needs some binding but I am auditioning fabrics for that at the moment.
I am still crocheting my blanket but it is ginormous and I can't be bothered getting it out of its bag for a pic. It does keep me warm while I crochet it though.
Hope you are all keeping snug .
Angel Blessings.



  1. Hi Ondrea,gee that's what I need to do also is clean up my sewing room,love your mini wall hanging and your block is cute

  2. your stitching is beautiful! I have those Rosalie Quinlan blocks, have done several and need to get back to them. Just do one shelf a day and before you know it your room will be tidy...

  3. If I loved closer I would be there for sure...... Start with the top left shelves pigeon while and on the floor the jb hifi bag on the floor...... Make little goals...... Great you are putting away as using so not making more mess.......

  4. Sadly no elves here..or they would be working...I agree with Chooky, just little bits at a time, then you will see the way. Lovely stitchery and mini. Best time of the year to be making a crochet blanket!!