Saturday, 25 April 2015


I feel like I haven't really been doing much stitching lately but realistically I have actually done a lot. Perhaps it is because I am slogging away at the same old thing hoping to reach the finishing line eventually. Yep, it's that darn Insanity quilt. I unpicked all those background hexies from the hexie flowers , traced and cut out the new fabric and have restitched all these...

Still heaps more to do.
Although I am finishing off a few projects I still need to start new ones. I have decided to do another project from Gail Pan's book "Patchwork Loves Embroidery". I love her book and have made a few things from it. I also love using some of her stitchery designs for other projects.  I have just finished tracing these stitcheries for a wall quilt.
As you can see in my side bar I am in the" Friends Having Fun Swap" this year. The first one is due 30th April. I finished mine way ahead of schedule but forgot how close to the date we are now. So, this parcel is on it's way to the recipient on Monday. I hope she gets it on time.
I am scratching my head trying to work out how to make a ruler cover for the next one . Any ideas girls?
It is another dreary day here today, wet and rather cool.  Hubby is at his annual Anzac Day events with some mates so I am going to sit down and stitch watching these oldies but goodies.


  1. Hi Ondrea you are doing so well ,I will help you with the ruler pattern when I get home xx

  2. Happy stay at home day... xox
    Lest we forget. xox

  3. I must admit the ruler swap is a bit trickier than normal. Someone gave me one a couple of years ago. I've just got to figure out how it was made!

  4. Good day to be at home stitching and watching a movie! You are going really well with your hexies! Love those stitcheries too.

  5. It looks like you have been busy to me. It is always nice to start something new.

  6. You have been busy but it is always lovely to begin something new ... it keeps the interest alive!

  7. Nooooo - don't show me any Gail Pan - I'll have to get the book and start yet another new thing, lol!!! Love your hexxies.

  8. lovely hexies.... great to see the FHFS parcels on their way... I am also wondering about the ruler - we will all have to stretch ourselves a bit...

  9. good on you Ondrea, making great progress with the hexy's...
    As for the ruler cover, I can only echo my Dad - "Google is your friend" - surely there must be some great free tutorials that would be of use for you