Tuesday, 28 April 2015


 Today was a rather special day after the courier left a lovely parcel in my letter box. It was from Christine. I love receiving things in the mail and I feel like it is my birthday all over again.  Our first FHFS theme was hexies. I posted my swap items to the recipient yesterday so I can't show you what I made for her. BUT, I can show you how spoiled I have been. You know how I love pincushions, can't have enough of them? Well, look what Christine made for me .


Yes indeedy didey doo, I am now the proud owner of this awesome pincushion and a matching project folder. Infact, the pincushion has a home on my coffee table next to the couch I sit and sew on. It is my new fav pincushion!  But wait, there's more.

When I opened the folder up I discovered some lovely treasures.  Scissors, quilting needles, pins, DMC threads and a beautiful repro fat 1/4 were hidden inside. So many pretty things. I love the chosen fabrics and colourways. Just perfect. Christine also included my fav chocolate! I have no idea how she knew that I love the Lindt dark Raspberry Intense. YUMMY!!
Thankyou so very much Christine.
The other day I saw a post somewhere that WIRES are in need of knitted pouches and liners for orphaned animals due to the flooding in NSW. So, off to Spotlight I went to buy some pure wool and I have started knitting.
They are to be knitted using 8 ply pure wool and the linings are to be washable pure cotton or flannelette. Synthetics are no good as the animals can't breathe in closed synthetic pouches.
If you want more info you can go to www.wires.org.au.
So, using 4mm needles (8 in old UK sizing) cast on approximately 30 stitches and knit in garter stitch (plain) . For small pouches the dimensions are 18cm wide and 20 cm long when finished after sewing together. The larger pouches are to be 24cm wide and 30 cm long, approximately 45 - 50 stitches. They need more linings than pouches for regular washing and changes.
 Post to WIRES Head Office
PO Box 260, Forestville, NSW, 2087
I am off to clickity clack now.
Angel Blessings.


  1. what beautiful gifts! perfect colours too.
    happy click clacking

  2. Hi Ondrea wow love your gifts from Christine,I see why they made you happy,enjoy my friend xx

  3. You have been spoilt my dear friend xx

  4. Gorgeous swap parcel from Christine, Ondrea - enjoy them

  5. What a beautiful gift !!

  6. A lovely parcel from Christine... I love that clever pincushion and fabulous sewing book filled with treasure.... well done in getting involved with the knitting...

  7. Beautiful gifts from Christine.... and a wonderful cause to knit for. I can almost hear those needles of yours... xox

  8. Lovely swap gifts from Christine, well done!

  9. Beautiful swap from Christine...lovely appropriate purples!! Great cause to knit for well done!

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  11. Beautiful swap gifts there from Christine - such a clever pincushion!