Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Oh my! It is such a dreary wet and cold day today.  It feels like winter has arrived early and I certainly hope it vanishes soon. It doesn't help when the ducted heating fails to work properly! Fortunately, I had a bit of sunshine arrive early this afternoon in the form of a surprise parcel. I was so thrilled to see that it was from a lovely lady, Trish, who was one of my craft forum friends for a few years before the site closed. Once again, a lot of thought went into this pressie.

Isn't it lovely! It has 2 pockets inside which are really handy. Most of you know I get all confuzzled making bags when it comes to the lining. So, I am really grateful when someone makes a bag for me. Back in my 20's ,before children, I used to collect Swarovski crystal animals. I haven't bought one for decades and was so delighted when my parents gave me this cute little owl. The photo doesn't do it justice, but trust me, he is sparkly cute.

Speaking of gifts, I can now show you what I made for Barb's birthday which was on the day before mine. They are a bit blurry but you will get the idea. Wish I knew how this blurriness keeps happening. I must be doing something wrong.. The first one is Michelle Ridgeways's free design. The second one from Red Brolly.
So, what have I been stitching lately? Jenny's 4th block .
And reverse sewing all of these !!!!! Why? Because I have run out of the fabric used as the background and surrounding all these rosettes. 
The good news is that a girlfriend came to my rescue after digging deep into her fabric stash. She has given me a couple of meters of the perfect fabric substitute which is very close to the hue , a bigger print, but quite perfect really. So, I have been basting more hexies to resew around all the rosettes ready for the BIG border.
May sunshine fill your days.
Angel Blessings.



  1. Hi Ondrea,love all your birthday gifts and boy love what you made Barb,such lovely work,yes it's been very cold and wet here too,xx

  2. These are all so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful projects Ondrea - you have been a busy lady. Cold snap here also - wood fire going and winter woollies are on - but I love winter so no complaints from me.

  4. What a great bag, and a thoughtful friend! Love your little owl, I used to collect those too. I have no idea what happened to my collection! Love the things you made Barb!

  5. What a beautiful bag and owl...very nice! Shame about the unsewing but good you have an alternative fabric. Wet and cold where we are too with occasional bursts of sunshine.

  6. lovely gifties sent and received.
    How sad to unsew those beautiful flowers :(
    Lucky your friend came to the resuce with the new fabric. Hope it doesn't dampen your enthusiasm

  7. OMG unpicking hexy's would be a nightmare Ondrea - thank goodness your friend has come to the rescue with some great fabric!
    Lovely gifts there - the bag & Swarovski are both gorgeous.

  8. Happy Belated birthday Ondrea! xxxxxx