Saturday, 18 April 2015


I am proud to say that I have finally completed the purple border on my Insanity quilt. I can't believe it has taken me so long and now I face the challenge of the larger hexie flowers borders . I am also proud to say that I have successfully unpicked all those pesky background hexies that I stitched around the hexie flowers and managed to restitch 4 so far. Here is a pic of the Insanity quilt now .It covers our QS bed!


I have 3 little hand pieced  Civil War quilt tops finished but have left them sitting amongst my many other unfinished projects. So, I decided I had best get onto them. I have been hand quilting this one and should finish it this coming week. Well, that's the plan.

Another fat 1/4 birthday swap parcel arrived with a couple of extra little bits. I am just waiting on 1 more now.
The weather came over quite gusty and stormy a few minutes ago. The cockatoos were squawking and flying past to gather in the dead tree on the nature strip next door. 
I have a collection of stitchery patterns that I have not yet done so I have decided to trace these.......
to take here.
Let the countdown begin.
Angel Blessings to you all..


  1. You have done well with your Insanity quilt....your mini quilt is very nice!!! Oh you are off travelling??? Nice stitcheries you have to do!

  2. Yay. The Insanity Quilt looks great! Wow wee a holiday. Enjoy.

  3. Oh my - wow - wow - Ondrea!! I'm so excited for you, this is looking so good - your patience & perseverance has paid off.
    Sending you a big ole Hexy-Shaped HUG!!

  4. well done ONdrea!!
    it looks fantastic. Very sweet civil war mini too.
    How exciting that you are off on a big trip.

  5. Love the insanity quilt!!
    Wow an overseas trip ... absolutely super!!!

  6. Hi Ondrea,wow that quilt is awesome and lovely civil war mini ,oh how exciting for you my friend xx

  7. Beautiful work live your insanity quilt !

  8. My word your Insanity quilt is amazing!!!!! Love your hand quilting project too. Lucky you to have that great trip to plan for xx

  9. Your quilt is beautiful, Ondrea.

  10. Waow ! your Insanity quilt looks wonderful !!
    You have been spoiled for your birthday… so many lovely gifts !
    I'm sure your trip will be fabulous !

  11. That quilt is just enormous - well done to you!!! It's beautiful! And I hope you have a lovely trip - lots of pics please!