Friday, 22 December 2017


Yep, it's that time again when tourists start to come down for the holidays and I have to remember to allow at least 10 minutes longer to get to my local shops etc. The parties will start and the illegal fireworks will scare the pants off of me throughout the night but as locals we just have to put up with it all. Ah well, at least we shall enjoy our munchkin's first Christmas. I finally got some parcels posted and I have received a couple in the mail which I have opened before Christmas Day. This little owl orni was a pleasant surprise inside a card from Shez. I love how she makes her ornis and particularly love this little cross stitched owl.

Beautiful Barb sent me this gorgeous parcel.
See the Theodora Cleave button ? It is an angel. Inside I found these...
Thankyou so much Shez and Barb for these beautiful gifts.
I always enjoy displaying Christmas decorations that have been made by my friends. ( The stars are ones I made).
Sue made me this pincushion last Christmas. 
The round felt deco is what I made last year. The other 3 are from Barb over the years.
I added another reindeer to my collection this year.
OPAM will be a problem as I forgot to take pics of gifts I made for people. So, if you have received a handmade gift from me can you please send me a pic????? LOL ( I have a pic of yours Barb.)
On a sweet tweet note I tried to take a pic of the 4 little baby swallows that hatched a couple of weeks ago and were ready to fly off. Each year they nest in one of our carport beams. 2 are bobbing down between the others. The neighbour's cat has been eagerly watching them so they are lucky to have survived. She was even caught sitting on the car roof to get closer!!!
May you all have a very happy and safe Christmas shared with your loved ones.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea ,love your decorations I have only a couple things out this year to hard to get it all out and put it away while I am still in the moon boot,lol.
    Love your gifts from Barb you will have fun with them and I also love the Xmas hangings Barb has made for you,love the decorations that you have made especially the round Fig'n'berry berry one.
    What a wonderful Xmas you will have with Corben this year,he will have so much fun with the paper,lol
    Merry Xmas my friend 💋

  2. Lots of lovely special decorations in your house Ondrea, those little birds are cute, I hope they avoid the cat! Enjoy the first Christmas with Corben. Happy Christmas.

  3. Some lovely decorations there
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  4. It certainly does look like Christmas. Lovely decorations. I can just see that naughty puss cat eyeing off the birds.

  5. Beautiful decorations there Ondrea, handmade ones really are so special.
    Merry Christmas xx

  6. Lovely decorations, Ondrea. Merry Christmas x

  7. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely,i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.