Sunday, 7 October 2012


My sewing room is an absolute disaster!  There was a time when it was clean and organised  but that was long ago. A bit of a mess never worried me with that room because I made the excuse of it being a creative space. I still knew where things were and could put my hand on anything I needed despite the mess.  Well, those days have gone to the point of being a work place hazard for my health, tripping over things on the floor, sliding on the cutting mat and generally snuffling and sneezing every time I ventured into the danger zone.

These photos were taken after I moved everything from the desk area and under the window. The reason? So I have room to put up my new shelving. I have cleaned and dusted the walls, floors etc ready for the storage shelves I' m planning to put up tomorrow. I finally made up my mind what shelves I wanted so we went shopping yesterday and the flat packs are still in the car. Why are they in the car still? Because I can't lift them ! So, the plan is to have the area ready to start bringing in the shelves piece by piece. Sounds a,little silly but it is the only solution if I want the shelves out of the car and in the room any time soon. The shelves are a 16 cube unit so hopefully I will be able store magazines, books, boxes of projects etc on them . That is the plan , anyway.  So bit by bit I will  sort through everything and put things on the shelves as I go. Besides patchwork things I also have heaps of scrapbooking things so it will be quite a challenge.

Meanwhile, I also managed to get more of the Wish Quilt done. 

I was so happy to see Brutus included in the quilt and had him stitched in a flash.

I have one reindeer left to applique, the one on the right. All the hearts are appliqued and the double heart one is ready to be appliqued. I have traced the 2 little stitcheries (up the top) , cut out fabric pieces for some of the blocks to stitch onto the stitcheries, and also framed the bear block ( upper left). This is a challenge to do as I have to slip stitch the stitchery to the frame then peel off the frame from behind. I am really not sure if this is going to work. I hope it does work so I can reuse the frame for another 2 stitcheries.

All this while also watching and listening to Bathurst!!!!  Doing the happy dance.

Angel Blessings. 


  1. Your stitcheries are lovely, Ondrea.
    I hope you barrack for Whincup :)
    BTW your sewing room is still much tidier than mine!!!

  2. The wish quilt is growing fast! Ondrea, a tidy work room is not a used work room! Great idea putting up new shelving, which will give you more space for future purchases lol. There are some wonderful flat packs around these days, and if one reads the instructions they are a breeze:)

  3. Your sewing rooom is nothing like I remember O :) hehehe but it will be wonderful once your shelves are up. I love your stitcheries and the Wish Quilt is going to look fabulous!! Hugs Vicki x

  4. My sewing room is a bit more messy than yours.
    Love your 'wish' quilt work