Tuesday, 29 January 2013

In Full Bloom

I couldn't resist taking a photo of my beautiful petunias on my back verandah.   As for my In Full Bloom stitcheries  they are all needle turned to their background fabrics ready to be pieced into a quilt.  Meanwhile, I have been busy stitching a couple of Anni Downs' gorgeous patterns . I love the muted colours. All I need to do is work out whether I am going to frame them or make them into something. 


I have also been knitting more facewashers for charity and now that Qld and NSW are being devastated by floods while Vic  has raging bushfires I think I really need to stitch up those 2 knitted blankets  that  are in my sewing room waiting to be completed.

Now that I have completed the Anni Downs' stitcheries I have started one of Gail Pan's that has a small bit of needleturned applique on it.  As I usually applique with blanket stitch this is a nice change. I rather enjoyed needle turning the IFB stitcheries onto their backgrounds so I thought I 'd try it again. I traced this pattern from Vignette #8.

I have a large box full of stitcheries that need to be made into quilts . With  so many new free  BOMs already available this year I think I shall need to hire some elves.

Angel blessings to you all especially all my craft friends living in Qld and NSW. Also my fellow Victorians.
My thoughts are with you.


  1. What a pretty show of petunias. Gorgeous stitcheries.

  2. The petunias make me feel happy.
    Your stitcheries are so lovely. Well done Ondrea.

  3. The petunias look so nice. i think I may have had a similar bunch but are a bit straggly at the moment. Love the colors of your F/washers. Your stitcheries look great as usual.

  4. Beautiful work, Ondrea. You get so much done!
    My petunias I planted in November (red with white edge) looked so lovely and festive at Xmas time but they are looking a bit sad now. Nearly time to replace them with something. Perhaps marigolds as they have self sown in the backyard pots that hubs planted portulaca in for me. :)

  5. Love your petunias. The stitcheries are just so nice. Have not done any stitcheries lately because of my crazy quilt embroidery.

  6. How wonderful you are Ondrea...thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog..had to come here as you were a no -reply blogger and I wanted to let you know I loved your visit!!! Love your flowers....and your stitcheries...two of my favourite things!
    xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)