Saturday, 23 November 2013


Today I packaged up some things to donate to the Good Shepherd's Women's Refuge for Christmas. I have been knitting cotton facewashers for a while and decided to buy some talc to wrap inside each one and tie with ribbon.

  Then I put each one in a zip lock bag. They need to see what things are so they know who to give them to.No wrapping.

                     I knitted 3 pairs of booties which I have also put in individual zip lock bags.

 Apparently funding has been reduced for the Women's Refuge despite an increasing amount of domestic violence. Women arrive at the refuge without anything and with children all ages  including babies and teens. Some of these women are pregnant. So, after a lady from the Good Shepherd gave a talk at one of my patchwork groups we decided to make some things for those children  and donate them for Christmas. I thought it would be good to give to the women there as well.  So, I am clickity clacking , crocheting and sewing mainly with this in mind.

Meanwhile I have small items on my stitching hoop for Christmas which I may have a pics of next time.

Thanks for stopping by. Angel Blessings.         


  1. what a lovely thing to do Ondrea,they are a lovely idea,well done.xx

  2. Some lovely items there for a very worthy charity. Congratulations.

  3. What a lovely caring thing to do. Those gifts will be very much appreciated.

  4. Such a lovely caring thing to do.

  5. The gifts look lovely Ondrea. I am sure they will be well appreciated.