Monday, 16 June 2014


As you know I collect  many things and some of my collections have recently increased. I love making pincushions and recently finished 2 rather large ones which were a Lynette Anderson kit. I still have 2 more to make. Hmmm, not sure if they are large pincushions or small cushions. Either way, I think they shall remain unused and simply displayed to look at.

Another favourite collection I have is thimbles from various places around the world and here in Australia. I have been quite blessed to have a few people buy them as a gift for me on their travels. Pam, a gorgeous friend from one of my patchwork groups recently went to England and brought me back 3 lovely thimbles from Monaco, Paris and Bath. Boy, was I spoiled!

A couple of weeks ago my youngest daughter came down to stay for a couple of days, knew I loooove owls and presented me with this salt and pepper set. The tin on the right, (yes they are also  collected by moi ), was a gift to me for mothers day from my mum. My darling mum always gives me a mothers day pressie. How lucky am I !

At the patchwork retreat I attended a few weeks ago we had a music trivia night and we all received a prize. Wooohooooo! Or is that Hooo Hoooo? An owl mug!!!!

QUESTION :   Does anyone know where emery sand can be purchased in small quantities here in Australia?  One of the gals at patchwork has tried everywhere and cannot get it. I have no idea, nor do others I know. It used to be a good pincushion filler as it keeps the pins and needles sharp and this is what it is needed for. I would also like to use it in my pincushions.  Has anyone used walnut shells? Do they stain the fabric? 

Well, I am busy  preparing stitching etc for another retreat and am waaaaaay behind so I had best get on with it.. Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. Angel Blessings to you all.


  1. Wow Ondrea those pin cushions are gorgeous,well done and I love the salt and pepper shakers they are so cute,hope you have a lovely evening Ondrea.xx

  2. Fee from Let's Get Stitched used crushed walnut shells. It seems to be a popular filling with my cross stitch friends. Found this link, not sure about staining.

    1. I get mine from there too, it's my favourite filling for pin cushions. And no, it doesn't stain fabrics.

  3. Lovely show and tell...very cute pincushions

  4. Love the pincushions, I think I heard you can buy crushed walnut shells from pet stores???? :) Barb.

  5. Your pincushions are lovely !! I collect them too !

  6. WOW what beautiful collections. Havenot heard of Emery sand for an age. I know people use walnut shells but do not know any place to get it.

  7. Hi Ondrea - gorgeous owls, thimbles & pincushions!
    As for the shell for pincushions, I have been informed from a number of sources that these days, our needles & pins are made from metals that don't rust, nor do they get dull as quickly as they did many years ago. I'm going to go against popular current thought here & say that the shell is unnecessary, unless you want it for giving some weight to the item... My local reptile retailer sells walnut shell but it seems a costly product for pincushion stuffer...