Sunday, 11 January 2015


After almost completing 3 little Civil War quilt tops and waiting to find suitable fabrics for the borders and backings, I started to get impatient and decided to start another one. So, after drawing up the blocks on graph paper, tracing the shapes onto template plastic , then drawing these onto the fabrics and cutting them out with my pinking shears, I have completed hand piecing the first 4 1/2"  block.

                                          Tonight I did this cute little stitchery of Jenny's.

My mum enjoys doing stitcheries and is particularly fond of Gail's designs. She put this sweet birdie in a beautiful frame.
I am off to one of my patchwork groups tomorrow and hope to stitch another block while I am there. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead with plenty of stitching getting done.
Angel Blessings.  


  1. Hi Ondrea! Beautiful sewing there - so clever of you to design & then hand-sew the block!
    I do love the look of your quilts too - lots of beautiful sewing there xx

  2. Gorgeous block and I need to start my stitchery as well.....

  3. Lovely stitching. Love your version of Jenny's stitchery

  4. Love the block and the stitchery!

  5. Hi Ondrea,you have done some beautiful work and love the birdies stitchery,your mums birdie looks fantastic in the frame.xx

  6. Beautiful work Ondrea and your Mum's stitching is lovely too x

  7. A great start of the new year !!

  8. Hi Ondrea... I am popping over from the FHFS and though I have heard your name (though different swaps) I am pleased to get to know you better through this lovely little swap group....

  9. a beautiful purply post!
    love your little block, only 4 1/2 Inches? wow!
    both stitcheries are very pretty.
    happy hunting for your border fabric