Saturday, 30 September 2017


 Gosh! It is OPAM time again. I have no idea where the time goes. Fortunately, I decided to crochet some more cotton pot holders for gifts this past week  as I have already gifted a couple of the ones I had previously made and it looks like they are quite popular. So, I actually have 2 completed projects for the month . Whew! I got the pattern from Hanne's blog a while ago.

I have been preparing some half inch hexies for a small project.
All the granny squares are still waiting to be crocheted together once I figure out the layout.
On Thursday I was about to close the curtains for the evening when I saw a couple of ducks in our front yard. I thought they would run or fly away when they saw me but they proceeded to come up the ramp to our front door!  I then went outside and they came right up to me, in fact one of them was trying to peck my toes.
This pic was taken through the window. ( Thus the reflection of my clothes rack).
I took these pics outside in our driveway before they followed us around to the back yard where we found some snails for them to eat..

On the same evening my dad emailed a pic he took of a beautiful owl sitting on their fence. Most of you know that I collect owls but this real one is magnificent.
It is so lovely to see the wild life return after developers stripped all the natural habitat a few years ago to build a marina. They filled in the creek and built a canal. We now have huge humongous yachts chug chugging along across the road with their masts higher than the 2 storey houses. It makes me smile when I hear the kookaburras and even the squawk of cockatoos.
May the weekend see you smile too.
Angel Blessings.   


  1. Nice to have a few finishes.. I see you have been busy working on lots of other long term projects..
    Nice to have some wild life return..
    What a fantastic photo of the owl.. Lucky Dad o see it...

  2. Pretty squares waiting to be sewn up and looking forward to seeing how those hexies end up. It is nice to have the wildlife around us. They are quite amazing at adapting to new circumstances.

  3. Lovely pot holders, Ondrea. I know what you mean about the wildlife, We used to get lots of different parrots and birds but now very rarely see them.

  4. I love half inch hexies and your granny squares are such beautiful colours. What a splendid owl. xx

  5. Good morning my lovely friend,i love your 2 finishes and boy what tiny hexies you are making,well done.
    How lovelyto find ducks at your place we have 2 that come back every year and have there family,we get to see the baby ones with them sometimes if we are very quiet,hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  6. I am with you where did the month go....dress useful finishes....your hexies look Occie would love your ducks❤️❤️

  7. How lovely to see to see wildlife, the owl picture is beautiful. They are often so hard to find. Love the hexies and crochet squares. The pot holders are cute too. Well done kn the finishes.