Tuesday, 7 November 2017


                                        Yey! The crochet pattern finally arrived to make this

I was so excited to start this project even though it will most likely prove to be a bit challenging for me. I started to make the 1st octagon and decided to stop at the fan part to start off all the other octagons. "But they're circles" I hear you say. Yes, they are circles to start with. Magic will happen.
I decided to try making the first square in the pattern and I have almost completed it. I had a few hiccups with those big crosses . Lots of head scratching, sighing and un pulling stitches were involved in this little production.
I love the way they have put different colours together, colours I would never have thought of being compatible.
Back to London now. We are on the last couple of days of our big adventure.
On 29th June, 2015 we made our way by train to see Westminster Abbey. I have more pics than these but they are not on the computer for some reason.
I did take some pics inside but many failed. I tried to take pics of the many tombs where Kings and Queens were buried. Poets corner was amazing. It was a bit eerie walking on top of many who were buried under the floor. We spent quite a few hours in the Abbey and then walked past Big Ben and Parliament to get to the Florence Nightingale Museum.
Then we caught a train to the Tower of London. I have always been fascinated by this place so rich in historical executions. Rather macabre .
Traitors' Gate. This is where prisoners such as Sir Thomas More and Anne Boleyn arrived by boat to their fate.
The White Tower
There are many towers and I can't remember which was which .
A recreated interior of the Medieval Palace.
Sir Walter Ralegh's room in the Bloody Tower. This tower was where the 2 little princes disappeared. 
Edward 1st's little chapel in St Thomas's Tower.
Oh yeah! The Crown Jewels. We queued up in quite a long line and then walked through the huge vault but no pics are allowed. Everything is behind glass right in front of you .
I don't know why I have such an interest in England's castles and palaces but I have always wanted to visit Hampton Court Palace since I was 16 years old. I finally got there! But that can wait for next time. Thankyou so much for visiting again.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea what a gorgeous pattern ,and well done with nutting the pattern out,the colours are beautiful.
    Wow what amazing pics,you sure got to see a lot over there,I love the castles,thankyou for sharing with us my friend xx

  2. WOW that is going to be stunning when done. Lovely photos.

  3. Looks very tricky....great work by you! Enjoyed tripping along with you. Must have been amazing to visit x

  4. Your blanket is going to be amazing, Ondrea. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

  5. That is a beautiful pattern Ondrea, I am sure you will work it out no problems. Love the colours you are using. I think it was the age of the UK that I found so interesting, everything has been around for so much longer that here. Those medieval rooms would be freezing in the winter I would imagine!!

  6. Love this pattern, where did you order the pattern and wool from and how much did it end up costing as this colourway is what I'd like to do this blanket in ☺

  7. Lots of beautiful photos. Love the pattern and the colours you chose.