Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Hi everyone. Despite this past week having been rather busy for me dealing with a bit of a crisis at this end I have still managed to get a little bit of stitching done. It is not as much as I would have liked to achieve but at least I did some. While I was checking out an Op Shop the other day I came across another tin. This is a specialty tin from The Silver Crane Company stock box range which was made in the U.K . ( No, I am not that savvy when it comes to tins,I took that all from the back of the tin).

It says " Fresh Fruit" but the light hit the tin and the "F" cannot be seen. You like?

I had been handpiecing quite a few blocks of The Farmer's Wife Quilt Sampler but came to a grinding halt when I restarted other ongoing projects. Now that I have some more yummy fabrics for it I thought I'd get back into it again. Here is a photo of the block I completed yesterday .

I have another one in progress.  It is pinned to a piece of calico which helps keep all the bits in their right place. I have been known to stitch the wrong pieces together and I find this helps avoid any silly mistakes when one is a bit tired  or simply too busy chatting with others and drinking cups of coffee. As we do!


What's in my hoop? A Teddlywinks design. I usually stitch in any other colour than red but I thought redwork looked rather sweet.

Until next time, keep well, keep happy and keep smiling.

Angel blessings.


  1. I feel guilty as I have lapsed with my FW quilt ... once winter arrives I am confident my enthusiasm will return!
    Before sewing the FW blocks I lay them out on a piece of sandpaper glued to an old cutting mat; the sandpaper holds the pieces in place. I do that for the same reason as you ... one time is too many to sew the wrong pieces together!

    1. Great find with the tin, Ondrea. :)
      Love the blocks. I think I have a bit of that dark green fabric that you are using in #2- well I used to, it was ages ago.
      The stitchery looks lovely too.
      I hope everything settles down for you now.
      Special thoughts for you both.xxxx Sandy.

    2. Ondrea-Hope all settles down soon. I love your new tin. . I appreciat the little hints you have been giving for the FW uilt. Helps with my DJ. LOL