Sunday, 25 March 2012


No, I did not go to Finland for the weekend. What a trek that would be!  For the past few days I have been determined to complete a few projects . A while ago I did some stitcheries and pieced the top of a tablerunner that was in one of the magazines.

The original pattern was done using  1930's reproduction prints but I wanted to use a  pack of Charm Squares that I had  and  my Cottage Garden threads for the stitcheries. I did the stitcheries on white linen. Here are some closeups of the stitcheries. I love the Cottage Garden variegated threads.

I am rather pleased with how the tablerunner turned out. And it is just for me.  I also completed the 4 Gail Pan pincushions I had made stitcheries for.

I completed a birthday present I have been working on for a girlfriend but I cannot show it to you until next week because chances are she will look in here and I want it to be a surprise.  Last week  I completed another Henrietta Whiskers block and also realised that I hadn't appliqued the sign on a previous one I showed you, so here they are.

AND 3 more Farmer's Wife blocks.

Okay, away from the sewing now. I couldn't resist buying some more lovely yarn and a knitting pattern. The cotton is to make a vest for myself and the 2 balls of Noro  are to make a scarf.

The knitting bag was from one of those discount stores. I need  a few  bags for different knitting projects just like I need a variety of project boxes and bags for my patchwork and quilting. Do you have heaps of bags and boxes to keep things in order?

Thanks for visiting again. I love your feedback as it keeps me inspired. I also enjoy looking at your blogs too. Angel Blessings. 


  1. I love the tablerunner, the stitcheries on them are gorgeous. You've had a very productive weekend!

  2. Beautiful table runner Ondrea,don't forget pic's of the vest and scarf when they're done.I think you have loads of patience with the Farmers wife blocks,they're soooo tiny :) Barb.

  3. Some lovely finishes there. Your tablerunner is gorgeous.

  4. Wow Ondrea, some absolutely gorgeous work there ... I love the table runner, and the HW ... everything in fact!!

  5. Wow, you have been productive. Congratulations, your finishes are lovely. I particularly like the tablerunner, the colours are superb as are the stitcheries.

  6. Gorgeous work, Ondrea. Boy you have been busy, and how beautiful are those pincushions? Seems a shame to stick pins in them. :)

  7. Ondrea -the tablerunner and stitcheries are stunning.The threads you have used are amazing!!! The pincushions look good. I look forward to seeing the vest. I LOVE the FW BLOCKS.