Monday, 2 April 2012


I don't know about you but I love collecting things. I collect cats, chooks, owls, witches, tins and boxes. In more recent times, especially being a stitcher, I have been collecting ceramic souvenir thimbles , pincushions and also wooden cotton reels since I discovered that they stopped manufacturing the wooden reels in the 1970s. I have been looking everywhere for a wooden thimble rack but could never seem to find one so I asked my dad to make me one. Look at what my darling dad made for me.

Isn't it lovely! I have put all my thimbles on it and my wooden cotton reels. There is a lip on the edge of the shelves to stop them falling off if they wobble towards the edge . I know this sounds strange but we have wooden floors and when you walk past some things tend to move a little.

Last week I found another cute tin from an Op Shop. It is not an unusual one but I particularly like it.

On the weekend my girlfriend took me to lunch for my birthday at a little cafe we love in Tyabb which just happens to be next door to one of our favourite patchwork shops. So, naturally, I had to come home with some more fabrics for my Farmer's Wife quilt project.

Today I opened my pressie from Barb that has been sitting on my table unopened but well squished and fondled. Thankyou Barb it is just gorgeous!

Isn't it lovely! Barb is a very talented lady who makes many gorgeous things like this. She crochets as well as doing stitchery, patchwork and quilting. When I can work out how, I shall add a link to her blog on here.

For my birthday, among other surprises, my lovely man gave me this.

Yep! It is a Spotlight voucher. He certainly knows his way to my heart. More fabrics here I come.

The pressie from my parents came in this beautiful box.

So spoilt! ( And I love it hehehe)

So what am I stitching? Currently I am working on this stitchery pincushion that is a free pattern on  the Red Brolly blog. I love Bronwyn Hayes stuff. Hopefully, or is that hopfully, I will finish it in time for Easter to add to my pincushion collection.

Talking about birthday pressies, it was Barb's birthday yesterday and I made her this.

Thanks for stopping by. Tell me if you have the collector's bug too. What do you collect?

Angel Blessings to you all. 


  1. So many beautiful things there Ondrea:)
    So pleased your birthday was wonderful!!

  2. WOW what wonderful goodies. How special is your thimble rack too, made with love by your Dad. :)
    I collected thimbles, owls, tins (mainly Arnotts, also tin tea caddies),teapots (mainly house-shaped ones) - these days I seem to be a fabric collector! LOL.
    The journal Barb made you is gorgeous and so is the stitchery you made Barb. I also love the Bronwyn Hayes stitchery, her designs are just great. I have saved it for "ron" hehe.
    So pleased that you had such a lovely "extended" celebration, too! Hugs, Sandy.

  3. Lovely to hear you had a nice birthday. Great thimble rack. It is nice to have somewhere to display your collection which is looking great by the way. I just love your stitching. I can see that you enjoy doing them. Barb does lovely work as well.

  4. You are certainly lucky to have a lovely handy Dad to make you that fabulous shelf Ondrea and I can see it getting full soon. You got some lovely pressies and I am glad you had a great birthday :) hugs Vicki x

  5. What a clever Dad. A lovely rack and some lovely thimbles and reels.
    Pleased you had alovely birthday Your presents,tins and fabric look great. I love your Bronwyn Hayes stitchery

  6. Ondrea you some lovely things on your blog. Your dad made a wonderful rack and your pressies look so nice. Glad you had a great Birthday.

  7. Lots of pretties! A very special thimble rack. WOnderful you had a great day ;-)