Thursday, 10 May 2012


How time flies when one actually sits and sews instead of spending time blogging! Hehehehe, well that is my excuse for taking so long between entries. 
Since my last post  I have completed some more things and also embarked on something new. My girlfriend and I  decided to start the new mystery quilt that is in Quilt Mania , Issue 87. I have selected the fabrics for the first block and also fused some of the shapes onto the background fabric ready to hand applique. I have cut out all 23 leaves for the tree but I am not fusing them until I am ready to stitch them on. The original block has a bird in the tree but I am going to put my cat in the tree instead. The 2 houses are to be my girlfiriend's house and mine. My house is blue in reality so it is blue on the applique too. We don't have double storey houses though. There is a dog to be placed looking up the tree and that is to be my girlfiriend's doggie and she also has a cat which we are putting in somewhere too.  The block is rather bare at the moment but I shall share the photos with you as it progresses.

Meanwhile, I have completed another Henrietta Whiskers block and have nearly finished the last block which I hope to have a photo of soon. I am so looking forward to piecing it together. All the little critters now have their eyes stitched on but the buttons have to wait until the quilt is completed. There are several crows to be appliqued around the borders too.

Today I have started a project which I cannot show much of because it is going to be a gift. Here is a glimpse so far. Can you guess what it is going to be? Another mystery! It involves stitching and applique.

I have finished 3 more Farmer's Wife quilt blocks. I thought I'd have another ready to show you but it has gone awry. Not happy! I need to redo it.

I have caught the crochet bug since I did the edge of that blanket for charity. So, I am now making hubby a crocheted rug in treble. It is half done so here is a pic.

As well as craft I also love reading . I have just finished reading 2 biographies , one which was loaned to me and another I found on one of my daughter's bookshelves left behind.

Thank you so much for stopping by . I hope to "see" you again soon. Angel blessings.


  1. You have been very productive!! I am so looking forward to seeing the HW quilt completed:)
    Lol, I use the internet as a spell from stitching:)

  2. You've been very busy,can't wait to see what your secret sewing turns out to be :) Barb.

  3. I am very curious as to your secret sewing and your mystery quilt looks interesting.

  4. Some lovely work again Ondrea! I have a few Quilt Mania mags but haven't as yet made anything from them.