Saturday, 9 March 2013


This past week has been very busy and productive . I have been an intrepid traveller . A quick overnight visit to Sydney followed by one day at home before heading off to Western Victoria to catch up with some ancestry. Without further ado I shall just say that my hubby and I were invited to a function at Admiralty House to meet the Governor- General, Quentin Bryce who is a most delightful lady. What was the most memorable bit of our visit for me? The floors!!!!! Take a look at these.

 Am I an obsessed patchworker??? People were looking at me rather strangely when I was taking the photos.

After that I had the chance to head off to Ballarat, Bendigo and Great Western where I managed to talk my brother into stopping at some patchwork stores for me. Ofcourse, I had a million and one projects in mind to buy fabric for. These are some bluey grey fat 1/4s I bought for a new project I have in mind.

         Some Jo Morton fabrics.

Some chookies , bees and red and white fabrics. I am now collecting bee fabrics to put in all my projects as my dad is a hobby bee keeper .

OOPS!!! I took a video. Sorry!!!! I am using my hubby's camera.  It seems my cat, Clay, has a short debut in this too.

Finally, some Cottage Garden Threads. I love these variegated threads and have used them in a few projects. So, I just had to buy some more to add to my stash.


Thanks for taking the time to visit. It is rather hot here again today so I probably won't be stitching much. A perfect day for washing all those fabrics though.  Angel blessings. 


  1. Aren't those floors gorgeous! Your new fabrics look interesting, and those threads are so pretty.

  2. Those floors are amazing! Love the fabrics and found it interesting how 'fashion' colours change from year to year.

  3. Great additions to your stash.
    My Dad was a hobby beekeeper too, how I miss that honey!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me that we are constantly surrounded by patchwork wherever us quilters go. Congratulations to your hubby.

  5. Lovely post and all that fabric and threads, wow a wonderful treat. Enjoy them and please show and tell. ps hubby and neighbour are also hobby beekeepers. Love real pure honey.

  6. What beautiful floors.:)It is amazing how we can see craft /blocks in the simplest things. Congrats on your visit to the GG and your trip home produced some lovely purchases. Cottage threads come in some amazing colorways.Enjoy!!

  7. Hi Ondrea

    I just discovered this morning that you come up as "Ondrea" on my blog, so all the replies that I have been sending to your lovely comments, have not been getting to you! Anyway, I appreciate all the sweet things you say and I'm so glad you like my designs. Maybe you can e-mail me some time so that I can have an address for you.

  8. Now jolly Blogger left out the bit that was important! I'll try again - you come up as no-reply without an e-mail address, so obviously haven't been getting my e-mails.