Monday, 25 March 2013


No need to remind you that Easter is fast approaching . Have you been making anything special for Easter? I found a pin cushion that I was making for Easter last year but never completed, so that is definately on my finish list before Friday. I can't belive I didn't finish it as it was only a small project . Red Brolly has a lovely free project for Easter but I have put that aside to make 3 tea towels from Bunny Hill. I have finished the first one which is for my eldest daughter.

Meanwhile, I have continued doing the stitcheries for Red Brolly's  Cotton Country. The current one is a bunny, how appropriate!

For a personal challenge I am participating in a Celtic Knot BOM at one of my patchwork groups. I have never made any Celtic Knots before , so I am rather pleased with this one.

It reminds me of a cat.

When I was browsing in a bric a brac shop at Bendigo I came across this interesting mat. There were a few of them but I particularly liked this one. I picked it up and examined it to work out how to make one. I sketched a couple of things in my notebook then remembered I had my camera with me. Dah! I think I have worked out how to piece it but it may get a bit bulky. Have you ever seen these before? Any ideas?


Seeing as I had my camera I couldn't resist taking a pic of the entry floor at the Bendigo Bakery. I think this is my new strange passtime. I do get funny looks.  

Well, it is fare thee well from this ol' chook.  Thanks so much for stopping by. Angel Blessings to you all




  1. Lovely work, Ondrea. Those entry tiles are gorgeous, too....

  2. Lovely stitcheries Ondrea and I too like the pattern in the floor tiles :) Barb.

  3. You have been busy. Love the tea towel.

  4. Lovely work Ondrea. Your celtic knot is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing how that BOM progresses.

  5. Somepretty stitching Ondrea.... like the mat and the floor tiles.

  6. Very pretty stitches. The mat and tiles are really nice.

  7. Oh love the little house block