Friday, 31 May 2013


As usual I currently have many projects on the go and I am sure most of you can identify with that First I want to show you the little doily I made for her birthday pressie. A while back I showed you a glimpse of 2 pressies I had made . This was one of them and the other one was for Barb. I stitched Barb's all in red because she is a red and white fan. but Vicki's is in more muted colours. It is a Leanne Beasley pattern that was in one of the Vignette mags.

I have been hand piecing a Shoo Fly dolls quilt from one of my Civil War books. I am stitching the last block and just need to cut and stitch the sashings ,corner stones and borders. I have used Civil War repro fabrics and you know how much I love them. They are 4 1/2 " blocks.

In my last post I showed you some funky fabrics I bought on my travels for my Crazy Cats quilt which was a free BOM on Syverstan Quilting . I have been happily appliquing 7 of the blocks . This one is almost complete except for his eyes and nose.

Here are 4 more. I am currently appliquing the one with the fish in his tummy.

I have also been knitting another scarf. I couldn't resist this yarn from Spotty. I am going to stitch the 2 ends together forming a loop so I can hang it around my neck and just loop it once around . Easy to pull off when I have a momentary personal summer!

And here is a pic of the EPP bedside table runner I have almost completed. I am just stitching the edges now.

I forgot to take a pic of the 3rd Celtic Knot block I made but shall show it to you next time. Thanks for visiting . Many angel blessings to you all.


  1. Beautiful work, as usual, Ondrea:) Love the crazy cats; toooo cute!

  2. Some great work there, Ondrea. I love the blue and whites and also the Shoo Fly blocks.

  3. Lovely work Ondrea, the scarf reminds of the inside pearl sheen of a sea shell :) Barb.

  4. You have been busy. Lovely work always Ondrea. I love those funky cats.

  5. WOW,WOW. Lovely work as always. I love the little blocks for the doll's quilt and I love the blue and white and Vicki is very lucky and (what did I forget) oh the cats are beautiful and the scarf is gorgeous. This idea with the looped scarf is a real "buzz " this year

  6. Gorgeous work, Ondrea. I do like the Shoo fly block. I made a quilt in blues and cream in that pattern for youngest DGS years ago after I had made a blues/cream Ohio star quilt for eldest DGS. I keep looking at my stash and thinking i should be doing something, especially when I see how productive you always are. The EPP is really lovely too.

  7. Wow just love your work. Also so busy as always.