Saturday, 20 September 2014


Hmmmm, I seem to be doing a lot of stitching then putting them aside to start another project. Does anyone else have this problem?  I really need to give myself a stern talking to and spend some time actually completing things.  Here are some examples.

                   A hopefully- soon- to- be pincushion from Gail's " Patchwork Loves Embroidery" book.

And a couple of little Christmas stitcheries from Gail's  2014 Christmas book.

There are more than these but I won't  make this post too heavy with pics. Today I started stitching the Christmas project I bought on my Mystery Bus Tour the other week. Getting totally carried away I decided I wanted to knit something  I saw on Cheryll's blog.  
 I DID manage to finish needle turning this but need to sew the borders on.
So, it's back to my little Civil War quilts tonight. I need to trace and cut some of these new 1800's
reproduction fabrics to use in my latest one.
Clay and I wish you a productive stitching weekend with many Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea,boy you sure had a productive night and yes i do the same as you i go from one to the other,lol,love your work you are very clever my friend,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend.xx

  2. Oh such a lot of beautiful projects on the go... and YES I think changing what you work on keeps you interested...although it's NICE to have a finish too...and it's quite addictive.
    I have a small sewing area so I need to finish off it feels G-O-O-D !
    EnJoY your weekend. :)

  3. Dear O.....I am just the your projects, they are all lovely...

  4. No you are not alone with starting and then moving on to another project. Everything looks so beautiful.

  5. Hi Ondrea - yes I confess - I am another person who jumps between many projects & I need stern words too... like Cheryll, I have only a small space in which to sew, so I really should finish things rather than have them pile up as I continue to start more projects! As long as you love what you are doing, that's really important. x

  6. Lol Ondrea, I think most of us have a few projects on the go at the one time. Perhaps it is because we become slightly bored tackling one project for a long time and our interest wanes; to keep up that interest we need to have something else to fall back on. Or is that simply an excuse and not a reason? Your work is always gorgeous!

  7. Ondrea. Welcome to the world. I think I saw a cartoon somewhere about we need a few 100 years extra to finish all our projects. There are just too many interesting things to do. Your work is always stunning. Hugs.

  8. We have all the same "problem" !!!! To start so many projects…. and finish them… sometimes !!!