Wednesday, 1 October 2014


WE were lucky enough to enjoy a couple of typical Spring days with the sun shining, birds twittering, bees  buzzing and no one burning off!  I had heaps of fabrics to trace and cut but didn't fancy being couped up inside so I took my crafty bits outside on my back verandah.

The other good thing about cutting fabric outside is that I don't need to clean the floor. I just swept these bits away.

Alas, the sun has vanished and we have had 2 days and nights of heavy rain, so I have been busy finishing these stitcheries. It is a Fig 'n Berry pattern  called "Christmas Wishes" that I bought on the mystery bus trip.  The fabrics for the sashings and borders have been washed and are hanging on the clothes horse. I am itching to finish this project soon.
As you know I am in Cheryll's 12 " Mini swap and the final one for the year was due to be posted yesterday!  Life got in the way so I am a wee bit late but shall be posting it off to the recipient tomorrow. The theme is "Summer" and I couldn't find a suitable design that I liked so I decided to draw one up myself.  I hope it is okay. Fingers crossed that ........will like it.
I was doing the happy dance when a little parcel arrived for me last week. It was from my stepson, the intrepid traveller abroad . He knows I collect thimbles and has contributed a few to my collection .  Now I have more.
They are from Carcassonne, Equisheim, Strasbourg, and Alsace. Wooohoooo!!! 
I hope you are enjoying some nice weather at the moment. I know it is getting cooler for some of my bloggy friends overseas and I am thinking of you all.
Angel Blessings. 


  1. hi Ondrea what a great idea to sewand cut in the sunshine,oh i love your mini its gorgeous and i also love your stitcherys,well done my friend.xx

  2. your summer mini is great as are your stitcheries. I love your thimbles - you have reminded me that Istarted collecting thimbles a few years ago - I must have a look for the box they were all packed in!!!

  3. Perfect mini Ondrea... I'm sure your partner will love it :)

  4. Sitting outside is a great place to stitch or cut fabric, especially in such lovely weather Ondrea! The birds might like your tiny bits for their nests...

    Lovely minim your partner will love it, I'm sure...

  5. I agree ! it's better to be in the veranda to sew !!! there is always so much light !!
    Well done with your stitcheries and mini ! Now we are all waiting the postman to discover who and what !!
    Your stepson was in Alsace !! it's where I live !!! How funny !!

  6. Lovely day to be sitting outside, sounds like you got lots done and those thimbles are cute lucky you :) Barb.

  7. You have certainly "captured" summer in that stitchery. There is nothing nicer than being able to sit outside and sew. Enjoy.

  8. hey Ondrea do you have a thimble from Thailand?